Easter Bunny Box DIY

I thought about this idea last year and surprisingly I have searched a lot but never found a bunny/Easter themed square box like this so I decide to make it myself and if I was successful I would share it with you. Hope you enjoyed this DIY and Happy Easter!!


Christmas Bauble Bookmark (PDF)

This post is going up a little late then I expected but I couldn't spend this day in vain being the last day of the 24 Crafty Days without giving what I promised last month. I enjoyed so much to design this bookmark that I want to create a few more in the future and... Continue Reading →

Christmas Reading Playlist

Some days you just don't want to hear silence especially if you are living alone - like me - it can become even a distraction not having a background noise. And there are a few noises that make me climb walls and annoying me so much that came from the outside - for instance, a... Continue Reading →

Felt Layer Christmas Tree

Since last year I've been seeing DIY for making small sized Christmas trees you can use to decorate your desk for example. They are so simple and cute to made I could let this year pass by without making them. I made both trees in less than 2 hours so is the perfect craft for... Continue Reading →

Pinterest Inspiration

This post was supposed to be up yesterday but I spent the day working for Uni and when I sat down to write it wasn't going has I wanted too. How could I be doing and inspirational post if I wasn't feeling inspired at all??! I was having big trouble to write a simple sentence... Continue Reading →

Christmas Reading List

There's no secret this blog is becoming lately more about books than anything else. I actually don't mind and I want it to be a huge part of the blog and if I'm honest with you, they make great posts when I don't know what else to write about. My only responsibility is to take... Continue Reading →

My Christmas Movies Update

Throughout this year I've watched so many films same of them are new releases and others I've always wanted to watch. Christmas movies are not an exception and although they should be on TV every single day until the 25th the TV Networks don't want too so instead they show the films round the year.... Continue Reading →

Gift in a Jar

Keeping the demand on finding more presents and original ideas, the gift jars are the best! For starter, you just need a nice bow and no wrapping paper and then decide the best contest for it.

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