Why is Grammarly a Must-have?

Did you ever heard about Grammarly?? After today you will do. My journey with Grammarly started almost two years ago. I was just randomly watching a Youtube video, and an add popped up. I had just started blogging and was looking for every help as possible to write better in English. Before Grammarly, I was writing...


Homeware Inspiration: Reading Nook

I love to be surrounded by pretty things. Actually, who doesn’t?! So, I thought it would be nice to share a few picks to get you inspired and also to inspire myself to create a cute little reading nook. My goal is to create a happy place where I can feel inspired, creative, and cosy...

Pinterest Inspiration

This post was supposed to be up yesterday but I spent the day working for Uni and when I sat down to write it wasn't going has I wanted too. How could I be doing and inspirational post if I wasn't feeling inspired at all??! I was having big trouble to write a simple sentence... Continue Reading →

Autumnal Garland

To prepare your home for this season there is nothing easier than a garland. It goes well everywhere and gives a more autumnal vibe to the room.

Christmas Cake Pops

Can you belive we are 3 days away from Christmas Eve?! This baking post is to show you only because is Christmas you should eat desserts full of sugar. Think healthy!

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