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The primary porpose of this blog is to act as an archive. I’ve changed the blog posts to another domain (missknown.com), although I haven’t moved every single post (only the ones that were worth it). So the ones that don’t have a place in the other blog are here. You can read my first post – which I wouldn’t recomend – and every other post I wrote since this blog was created until July of 2017 (when I changed to missknown.com).

Any recent updates in this blog happen in the way to promote my other blog (missknown.com) in the WordPress Reader. Since the new blog is self-hosted, my post aren’t published in the WordPress Reader. Instead of leting this blog to gain dust, I’m using it as a way to publicize my corrent blog (missknown.com). Therefore, if you like the contest I’m posting please subscribe there instead of here.

If you wish to know more about all this non-sense of both blogs, check out my post of My Blogging Journey

Take a sit and enjoy, with a cup of tea, my journey to find the happiness.


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