About Me

Hi! My name is Joana, also known as Sweety Pretty Delicious, and I’m 21 years old from Portugal. I’m a gamer who drinks tea, crafts in part-time, obsesses over Youtubers and daily vlogging, procrastinates while watching films and TV Series, doesn’t sleep without reading a book and in between studies Architecture.

SPD was born back in 2014, it started off as an English blog about miniatures and later changed for a Portuguese blog similar to Black Leaves Tea. Soon I realised I didn’t want to let the language be a barrier between me and the world, so I took a step forward and began to write in English once again. It has been a huge challenge since I am not the best English speaker/writer in the world but with help and persistence, I hope to improve every day.

My Blogging Journey

Take a sit and enjoy, with a cup of tea, my journey to find the happiness.