Rolling Magazine Storage

Usually, when I brainstorming ideas, they tend to come in pairs. The first one, I already posted last month, I'm talking about the Record Player Stand. I decided to buy wood crates and get creative with them. I was thinking to do a post like "two supplies and multiple possibilities" or something close to that. But...


Finishing Old DIYs

When it comes to holding to ideas, I'm the worst! I can have everything planned out, start working on it, and then something gets in the way. Whatever the reason is, over the time I've abandoned so many projects. Some were good, others weren't, and some are already in the garbage. Despite not being great at...

Making a Record Player Stand

Do you know those moments, when you need something and the Universe makes you cross path with a solution? Well, this is one of those moments. I have a record player, and my biggest problem is knowing where to put it. So I was in the hunt for a good stand. I wanted something simple...

Fake Terrarium in a Jar

At the moment, I have 7 plants in my office and in the process to get a couple more. And, as if this wasn’t enough work, I want to get a bunch of flowers to decorate my balcony. As much as I love to care for all these plants and watch them grow, it’s nice to...

Triple Tassel Key-chain DIY

A few weeks ago, while going through my Bloglovin’ feed, I bump into a DIY post for tassel earrings. They are so simple and beautiful I wanted to make them. Although I don’t have my ears pierced, so it’s pointless to be making a pair of earring. But then it streaks me. Why not ...

Easter Bunny Box DIY

I thought about this idea last year and surprisingly I have searched a lot but never found a bunny/Easter themed square box like this so I decide to make it myself and if I was successful I would share it with you. Hope you enjoyed this DIY and Happy Easter!!

Felt Layer Christmas Tree

Since last year I've been seeing DIY for making small sized Christmas trees you can use to decorate your desk for example. They are so simple and cute to made I could let this year pass by without making them. I made both trees in less than 2 hours so is the perfect craft for... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Cards Advent

Before you start reading I'm so sorry about the photos quality I don't have my Canon with me right now but when I do I'll be updating this post with better photos. This year because my school is going to end on the 20th of December - very close to Christmas - and with all... Continue Reading →

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