Why is Grammarly a Must-have?

Did you ever heard about Grammarly?? After today you will do. My journey with Grammarly started almost two years ago. I was just randomly watching a Youtube video, and an add popped up. I had just started blogging and was looking for every help as possible to write better in English. Before Grammarly, I was writing...


Carnival Special: Galaxy Make-up

February is known worldwide as to the lovers' months, especially the 14th. Keeping Valentine aside, there is also another thing this month is known for, carnival. Most of the countries don't celebrate this time of the year, but here in Portugal, we had imported the Brazilian tradition. Over the time, it has changed from...

Story Time: Most heartbreaking moment in The Sims 3

Today, this post is dedicated to all the fans of the Sims franchise. If you are not a game person or more specifically not a Sims loving person you probably won’t care at all for this story. I’m going to get real fangirl here, so unless you are up for that vibe, this is going to...

I have a HUGE Announcement!!

I haven't posted anything for the entire month of August, what can I say the summer is really the worst time for the blog. It doesn't make me feel alright with myself but I have a good reason to be in such a down low. It is no secret I would love to one day... Continue Reading →

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July Book Overview

For updated posts please visit missknown.com since this blog is no longer being used. July was officially the craziest month for me. The first week I was still with exams, the second I was cleaning up my room and office - and is not done yet. By the third week when I thought it would... Continue Reading →

June Book Overview

New month new Book Overview. This time was the worst Reading month of the year and we are only half way. From H. G. Wells to Adam Silvera my TBR pile continues to grow.

May Book Overview

For updated posts please visit missknown.com since this blog is no longer being used. Last month, I ended in the best possible way: buying new books. I talked all about it in my April Book Overview, but by that time I already knew how would start this month post: more new books. I already spent... Continue Reading →

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