Pizza Toasts for Lazy Days

Today's post is already thinking about the weekend. This recipe is perfect for a lazy Sunday's brunch. You cook with the ingredients you have in the pantry, use any type of bread you like (or have leftovers of), and it's quick to do. I'm one of those persons who love to spend time preparing a...


Balsamic Mushrooms to Die For

I wanted to share this recipe for months but kept delaying it. Now is finally the time to tell you the best way to do mushrooms. Since I did it for the first time, it has been a family favourite. I’m just going to warn you that it will hook you up. I found...

A smoky cosy smell

On a daily basis, my social media is filled with photos of autumn which are very normal considering this time of the year and also photos of one of the fruits of the season: conkers. Only last week I learned this word (never knew how was it called in English) and I was thrilled with... Continue Reading →

Sausage & Spinach Pasta

A couple days ago I was organizing my images on my computer and found the first image of a recipe I toke where I am currently living. I'll be honest is not the best recipe I had ever cooked but it was tasty! Also is quick and easy to do!! Grocery List: Tagliatelle (100g portion)... Continue Reading →

I can’t bake!

Baking is one of the things I enjoy doing in the kitchen and is also a love/hate relationship. Over the past few years, I thought I was that person who can't bake. You try innumerous times... bake small cakes... bake easy cakes and all of them turned out wrong. And because I am a perfectionist... Continue Reading →

Christmas Cake Pops

Can you belive we are 3 days away from Christmas Eve?! This baking post is to show you only because is Christmas you should eat desserts full of sugar. Think healthy!

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