I have a HUGE Announcement!!

I haven't posted anything for the entire month of August, what can I say the summer is really the worst time for the blog. It doesn't make me feel alright with myself but I have a good reason to be in such a down low. It is no secret I would love to one day... Continue Reading →

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In Review: Ready Player One

It’s been almost two and a half months since I read and saw Ready Player One and I’m finally ready to talk about it. I’m sure you know the feeling of loving a story so much and being so invested in the world and the characters that it hurts. You just want to read it...

May Wrap-up

Holly molly, May is already over. This was one of the busiest months so far and I can’t believe it’s already over. In book-wise, actually wasn’t the happiest. I don’t know what is happening to me, I feel that I’ve spent this year so far inside a big reading slump – even though my Goodreads tells...

Most Anticipated Releases of 2018 (Apr-June)

How are we already in June? This year is flying by and so will you're money after checking out the books that have their release dates for this month! I'm in a little reading slump, at the moment, but that doesn't move me from checking out some pretty covers. And who can really resist them?

Rolling Magazine Storage

Usually, when I brainstorming ideas, they tend to come in pairs. The first one, I already posted last month, I'm talking about the Record Player Stand. I decided to buy wood crates and get creative with them. I was thinking to do a post like "two supplies and multiple possibilities" or something close to that. But...

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Review

To tell you the truth, I wasn't planning on writing this post. Thirteen Reasons Why isn't one of my favourite show by far. I think the series started nicely, but towards the end, it got less impressive. Yet, I was interested in watching the second season to see what was going to happen next...

Pizza Toasts for Lazy Days

Today's post is already thinking about the weekend. This recipe is perfect for a lazy Sunday's brunch. You cook with the ingredients you have in the pantry, use any type of bread you like (or have leftovers of), and it's quick to do. I'm one of those persons who love to spend time preparing a...

April Wrap-up

How is it possible that April feels longer than the first three months of the year? I swear last month took soooo long to pass, but at the same time, how on earth is already May?? And I already have plans for every week of the month, not kidding. My social life is on fire...

Finishing Old DIYs

When it comes to holding to ideas, I'm the worst! I can have everything planned out, start working on it, and then something gets in the way. Whatever the reason is, over the time I've abandoned so many projects. Some were good, others weren't, and some are already in the garbage. Despite not being great at...

From Movies to Books

It’s a fact that a lot of movies are based on books. And when a story is adapted to film it is rewritten so it can be told in 1 hour and a half. More often than not, it has a lot of changes which upset the readers and fans most of the times. Some characters

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