February Book Overview

For updated posts please visit missknown.com since this blog is no longer being used. February is over which means Spring is just around the corner and I'm pretty excited to leave my heavier coats at home. So long chill and crisped weather, hello rain and sunshine! Today this blog post is going to get on... Continue Reading →


Tea for every moment

The blog exists over a year now, and I've just realised is named Black Leaves Tea but I never did a blog post starring my favourite drink.

Week 4: My favourite body part

V - Hands: Despite I care less about my nails everyday simple because I use my hands to do everything so¬†they¬†towards to be more fragile and there is no nail polish that last longer, they are my babies. Also, when they are cold you can see all my veins (it really looks like I am... Continue Reading →

In Review: French Gardener

More than two weeks later I remember I still haven't celebrated here in the blog the arrival of spring. For that reason, I decided to talk about one book that I think is perfect to read while the flowers start to blossom and the sun decides to give some kisses between the clouds. I read... Continue Reading →

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