In Review: The List

Today, I’m doing a very special review. I read this book last month, and it won my heart. From a moment to another, it became my all-time favourite book. You know a book is good when even before you finish it you already and to reread it. And since we are starting a new year, there...


In Review: Origin

Since I read the Da Vinci Code, 2 years ago, I kept my eye on Dan Brown. Although at the time, I ended up not posting a review of the book, even though, I enjoy it more than I thought I would. When I heard that Dan was releasing another Robert Langon adventure, I wasn’t...

In Review: The Shannara Chronicles

Last year, I started writing a post reviewing The Shannara Chronicles, although I came to the realization that I didn’t have anything positive or exciting that was worth doing a review of. At some point, I was bored and even mad while writing so I ended up scrap it. Although this time the show took...

January Wrap-up

January is already over, and we are left in the couple’s month. Speaking of which, it remains me that we are only a week away from the last 50 Shades of Grey movie. Guess who’s not going to be near a theatre in the premier day? This girl! I might go watch it but after all the rush. Changing the subject, January was not a great reading month for me. I got myself stuck in a reading...

In review: 13 Reasons Why

For those who never heard about it is one of the must recent series from Netflix that was released - all episodes at once - on 31st of March. And it is currently one of the must hyped show at the moment.

In Review: Fangirl

For updated posts please visit since this blog is no longer being used. Cath only has one passion: Simon Snow. Whole her life she was hand to hand with her twin sister, Wren. Both shared the same love for Snow but Cath is the only one that takes it seriously enough to start writing... Continue Reading →

In review: Carve The Mark

It always feels sad to close a book. It feels as a world had just stopped existing. Opening it again releases all those characters, those relationships, those stories. But closing a book for the last time is even sadder. In those times we know it was a good book, we know it was worth the time. Carve The Mark was not an exception.

In Review: We Can Be Mended

For updated posts please visit since this blog is no longer being used. On one peaceful day, I was scrolling down my Twitter like I enjoy doing every morning. When I was giving up and put down my phone, one little thing caught my attention: a tweet from Carve The Mark Books. They were... Continue Reading →

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