In Review: Pirates of The Caribbean 5

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This review comes really late. I saw the movie on the 12th of June and I thought I would fail. I never saw a Pirate of the Caribbean in theatres and this was my chance before they decide to put an end to the saga. I never thought they would produce another movie and the fourth one was already a surprise, so when Disney dropped the news about another movie I was thrilled with excitement.

Therefore, today is finally the day I share with you, my thoughts and opinions about the newest movie of Pirates of The Caribbeans: Dead Men Tell No Tales. To start off, I’ve realised at the end of the movie that they use another name for the fifth instalment Salazar’s Revenge. With a bit of search, I found out Disney changed the title for the UK version because of some trademark issues. Either way, the movie is the same the only difference is from where it comes.

The story focus on Henry Turner, son of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan – yes they are back!! – and Carina Smyth, an astronomer trying to prove to all men that despite she being a woman she deserves to have access to university. She has been sentenced to death by witchcraft and meets Jack Sparrow. Also, she has a notebook from her father that will allow her to read the map that no man can read – despite being long I love all these names – that will lead her to the Trident of Poseidon. At the same time, Captain Salazar breaks free from his prison island and is in pursuit for Jack Sparrrrooo (as he says in his Spanish accent – again love it!). When Jack was still a young boy and far away from being a captain, he helps the crew on the ship (and himself) to “kill” Salazar, a ruthless pirate assassin in the Devil’s Triangle. If you know the Caribbean sea as our pirates you know there is more likely to be cursed for the rest of your immortal life instead of dying forever. Bottom line, Salazar is back and ready for revenge. The only way for Jack to survive is to find the Trident of Poseidon and break Salazar’s curse to be able to finally kill him for real.

So Carina becomes a person of interests for our beloved captain and son she meets Henry who possible can help her to get hands on the Trident. And because things seem to come in threes, Henry is also interested in the Poseidon jewel. Can you guess why?? Yup, to free his father from the curse which domed him to an immortal life in the sea and only one day on land for each 10 years. Can you imagine how Will and Elizabeth should be feeling about this course?! They are the real relationship goals! A woman and a man apart for ten years and spend only one day together and still able to keep faithful to each other? If that isn’t couple goals I don’t know what is.


Moving on, the characterization was amazing! The scars in Salazar face when they do the close ups disgusted me, so congrats they seemed very real. And his hair “floating” in the air was a great touch. The hair underwater is so beautiful that was a childhood dream of mine to be able to bring that lightness and lack of gravity to the surface. This last sentence probably sounds really stupid but a child wants what a child wants, I have no way to explain it. I always wanted to be a mermaid… they are beautiful, they swim all day and the coolest: they can breathe underwater too. Where can I sign in??

Ok, I’m starting to drift apart from my point. I enjoyed a lot Captain Salazar, from his story to his appearance. For me, he was a great villain when you know they must die but his pain makes him one step closer to have a soul. Even though he was a pirate hunter and wants to kill Jack, he is that character that you don’t hate with all your guts and you want him to be killed as soon as possible. There was no future for him for other possible movies if we would still be a bad guy, so or he becomes a good guy or he probably should be sleeping with the fishes.

Speaking of Captains, Sparrow is getting old. It has been 6 years since the last Pirates of The Caribbean and I’m starting to see a difference in the character. He still is a drunk, flirty and funny pirate as we all know and love, but seeing the little snippets it of him when he was a young boy bring that cockiness I felt in love with. Ageing is something Johnny Depp can’t run away from and 6 years is a long time so either we like it or not the character changed a bit. I think for the first time he wasn’t the protagonist in the movie. Possibly another reason why I felt changes in the character.

The following text contains SPOILERS! You have been warned! Procide at your own risk.

I try to keep this reviews as spoiler free as possible but I have to talk about the last scene in the movie. And no I’m not talking about when the Turner family is all reunited, I’m talking about the scene after the credits. Disney is trying to become Marvel with the mysterious hits, in the end, giving you hope for a next movie.

Will is sleeping next to Elizabeth when something comes into the room. We only can see a shadow but it appears to have tentacles and a crab claw. Will wake up to find an empty bedroom, there was no one there and it was probably just a nightmare. Until the camera pans down and we see the floor wet and a couple of barnacles meaning it wasn’t a dream and he is alive.

I still don’t know if they are going to produce a sixth film after that sneak peek but if so I’m excited to see Davy Jones coming back to life. Probably I need a Pirate of The Caribbean marathon to remember everything that happened with the octopus head and (trying to) see how is it possible for him to be alive. I can’t even remember if he was killed at all. I need a marathon ASAP.

Either way, I’m very happy with this movie. I can’t get enough of Capitan Jack Sparrow and even if Disney doesn’t produce another movie I already have five to watch on repeat for the rest of my life.


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