Get Out Movie & Other Scary Ones

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I’m not a huge horror/scary films girl but there was something in Get Out trailer that made my inside scream with curiosity. Every time I spot a scary movie I roll my eyes and think there is something I’m not going to see and drift my attention to something else. Although, there was something I don’t quite know what but got me really excited and wishing to see it ASAP!

My “problem” with scary things is when it’s shown to must of disgusting things such as, cutting necks, cutting bodies, brake bones, peeling of nails, anything to do with eyes – is the worse part for me – anything that can be extremely violence and graphic and also creepy dolls/clowns/any-other-non-living-thing-coming-to-life. I know for a fact that Saw, The Ring and Chucky are not by any chance be on my list of seen movies. Even though I intentionally avoid this kind of films the genre still has something that attracts me.


I like the feeling of sitting on the edge of the sofa fully concentrated in what I’m seeing without even realising if I’m breathing or not. The anticipation of the next scare. The music creating the mood. The dark and shadowy scenes preventing you from seeing too much. The heart starts to beat up real quick, the palms are sweaty. Any noise frustrates me even if it comes from the TV. And then… BAM!! Jump scare! I love feeling like this, I truly enjoy suspense and I find myself in need of it, of the rush, the adrenaline through my body.

Thankfully I don’t have nightmares after watching a horror film. The first time I even watched Hostel I didn’t know what the hell was it but it got me hooked big time. It was already passing midnight when it started and I watch it all the way through. The must disgusting things were when they were burning that Asian girl’s eyeball off and when the protagonist had his finger cut off. Apart from that was only juicy creepiness at it finest. The lights in the ceiling, the stalkers on the street, the butcher look, the strange and horrible iron masks, all the torture equipment, and I’m sure the list goes on but I can’t think of much more now.

I enjoyed the movie so much that I even ended up watching it again a few months later. A long time as passed when I discovered that they made a second movie Hostel II – such originality – and this time the protagonists were girls. I still enjoyed but got really disappointed to see it was just the exact same story but with women. And if I remember correctly they refer police investigating the business hold in the first one. Yet they made the same mistakes. I believe it was a bit forced.


On a more musical note, Sweeney Todd is also considered horror and his cutting neck’s scenes are the only ones I can see without flinching or putting my hand over my eyes with only a small gap to pick what’s happening. First of all his daughter is named Joanna – like me!! – not a very common choice (on film-wise), and second the story is so heartbreaking. So it deserves a special place in my heart forever.

This next movie escapes the horror genre to be a thriller, but I just want to point out one scene that made it one of my favourites. I’m speaking of War of the Worlds. Do you know that scene when father and daughter are hiding in the basement and suddenly the alien eye-harm-thing appears looking for humans? And then the aliens come in to inspect? I STOP breathing for that scene. The suspense and adrenaline are so big I don’t want to do any noise that can betray me. I stay as quietly as possible, without moving a muscle, breathing really s-l-o-w-l-y – or not at all – without blinking for a second and sitting on the edge of the sofa straight as possible waiting for the danger to pass way. It’s such an intense moment and I think it was when I realise I enjoyed the whole experience and wanted to repeat it.

When I heard about Get Out I thought maybe it would give me that feeling. It would have enough creepiness to be an enjoyable film without making me look away. My major question was if it would have extremely bloody scenes. Turns out it is just a really messed up movie! Usually, there bad guy/bad guys are psychopaths and have some strange ideas or plans. This movie was no exception and they even took it to another level. I still can’t believe the kind of business they run in that house! So they don’t kill too many people in the movie but the story is unbelievable. Actually, one thing that I found interesting was how much they concentrated on the story of Chris (the protagonist) instead of the horror itself. So for a second, you think you are watching a regular mystery movie.

In the end, I want to recommend you to see Get Out because is worth it if you enjoy to sit on the edge of the sofa and enjoy to solve mysteries drinking the morning coffee – or tea. Also, check out all the other films because they are so worth it and tell me what do you think of them.

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