In review: 13 Reasons Why

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We are already half way throw May and only now I’ve finished watching 13 Reasons Why. For those who never heard about it is one of the must recent series from Netflix that was released – all episodes at once – on 31st of March. It is currently one of the must hyped show at the moment for good – and bad – reasons, but I’ll get to that later.

The series is based on a book, with the same name by Jay Asher and it was published a decade ago. The story is about Hannah Baker who committed suicide but left behind thirteen cassette tapes with the reasons why she decided to end her life. And we follow alongside Clay Jensen who was her classmate and also had a little crush on her, while he listens to each tape to find out what have he done to lead her death.

One of the main focus of the show – and book – is to bring awareness to how we can affect people positively and negatively. This englobes bullying, cyberbullying or other simple conversations/actions that can change lives, if not, another person’s day for better – or worse. On top of that, it deals with suicide and how all those actions taken by other people can lead to someone decide to put and end to everything.

As you can predict is a major tear jerker and even a few episodes have TRIGGER WARNINGS such as 9, 10, and 12, mostly because of graphic sexual assault, and number 13 because we get to see Hannah actually committing suicide and is extremely graphic!!! It also includes the rest of the episodes: blood, violence, scars, sexual harassment, self-harming scenes, attempts of suicide and use of illegal substances. As you can see is NOT a light-hearted show to watch and if you don’t fell affected by the triggers above I highly recommend you to watch it.


Jumping to a few things I want to discuss one of them being how I was acting like Clay, taking forever to watch the first season. Some friends of mine binge watched the ALL thing! And each episode is ONE HOUR long so it means they have spent half a day to watch the show. At the beginning, I was watching two episodes per day depending on how much time I had to spend sitting in front of the tv. Son, I had to change it and stick to one episode at a time. The story was developing so much that I needed to stop to process all the information. Besides, I was feeling a bit depressed after watching one tape so I wasn’t excited to see the next one.

Along the way, I was starting to fell the need to hug Hannah or Katherine Langford (the actress who plays the role) to know she was ok and was still alive even though you already know how everything is going to end. Another thing that is quite pointless but is hard to avoid is to shipping Clay and Hannah because nothing new can happen between them, as well is quite sad to see that everything could be so different but now there is nothing we can do about.

From this point, I’ll talk about the series more openly and it will contain spoilers! You have been warned!

By the episode 9 when we know Jessica was raped was a breaking point for me. The story is really sad and horrible but it was when it all seemed fictional to me, it was when I “wake up” from the hypnoses of the cinema and got back to the real world. Now I see that episode as just a way to bring Bryce again on episode 12 because even though the reason behind episode 9 isn’t Jessica rape but instead Hannah not helping and Justin allowing, it doesn’t fell as a strong reason for suicide as was the others before. Maybe I fell this way because they don’t keep mentioning it as often as the reasons in the others tapes.

Speaking of sad and heartbreaking moments there were only three emotional moments throughout the season that almost made me cry. Frist one was Clay’s tape while we were still starting to learn what happened and what have he done that lead to Hannah’s death – and Tony did not help! After that this next two belong to the final episode: when Hannah was cutting her wrists, I was imagining – or trying to – how would it be if I was in her shoes (both the character and the actress) and being so terrified of seeing blades or knives cutting throw skin, I was about to cry in panic. And finally, one of the last scenes when Jessica was about to tell her father the truth about being raped. That one was really emotional, congratulation Alisha Boe!!

Image source Penguin Teens

Knowing this story is originally from a book I’m truly thinking about reading it. The books usually are better than the movies/series but I’m not sure if in this case, it will be much better. I personally can’t connect very well with characters in movies and even if the actors/actresses are busting their buts off to give as much emotion as possible I don’t always feel it. But when I’m reading I’m also receiving what is happening in the minds of the characters so is easier for me to put myself in those situations and share the same emotions. The only problem here is the size of the book. It only has 288 pages and the audible version is almost 6 hours and half long. So my question is if it has the same details of the show or if it has lack of them. I don’t want to start reading it to find out the show was done better and have much more information, for that, I just keep watching it.

Probably the few cliffhangers they left for season two don’t feature in the book, such as what happened with Alex. Don’t give me that b*llshit (I’m sorry about my language) of him killing himself, I don’t believe it for a second. Although Tyler probably did have nothing to do with it. It’s too predictable.

Next is Tony’s name in the sheet that Hannah wrote down. It has a question mark but why would his name be in that sheet in the first place? He never did anything to her. Why would she come up with his name while writing down every person that lead her to suicide?

We don’t get to see the Bakers reacting to the tapes and for me that doesn’t fell much as a cliffhanger but who knows what they might do when they hear all the truth.

The fact that the depositions weren’t over and not everyone was going to – Clay one of them – still have more things to come. And I almost forgot. Tyler before disappearing with Alex photo, in his deposition he spells out the truth about the existence of the tapes. So the lawyers now know the truth and I’m excited to see what they are going to do next.

Did you watch the series and/or read the book?? What did you think about it?? Are you looking for to season 2??

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