Should we label ourselves?

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I sometimes find myself worried about saying a few words out loud like gay or black when referring to a person, and I don’t like how the world is turning and I fell as my freedom is taking away from me. I want to be able to say those words and don’t be judged as a racist or xenophobic because I’m none of those things and I can’t even talk to those persons without getting really upset.

I think this is a sensitive topic and everyone may have a different opinion. With this post, I don’t pretend to depreciate or justify verbal assaulting or bullying in any way. I just want to express my opinion in this matter and to spread a more positive message. Because in the end, I don’t believe we should avoid the words but instead the people that use them in a wrong way, especially to harm you. Throughout this post I want you to have an open mind and to not fell offended my any mean. Maybe label isn’t the best word to use but is the one that describes best what I’m trying to say. Because in the end is just a word.

Also when I’m talking about labelling someone it is not in a judging way it is just by using a certain word to describe someone. Because when people use those words to judge or harm you in any way first you shouldn’t even know their names and second believe in yourself and the person you have become and forget everyone else.

This is the description online from Oxford Dictionaries:

Label: (disapproving) a word or phrase that is used to describe somebody/something in a way that seems too general, unfair or not correct.

Synonyms: Tag, Characterization, Identification, designation, denomination, description

First of all, I see labels as simple words used to describe something that has a meaning by other words. They don’t define you but they help other people to understand you. Second judging is never good regardless if it is because of a label or not. We also have our own problems that no one knows about and makes us act differently. For example, if someone in the supermarket was rude to you that doesn’t mean they are rude maybe they are having just a bad day.Third never try to define yourself with just one word. If someone asks you that they are mental! Mostly because “describes somebody in a way that seems unfair”.


I know a lot of people see labelling as a bad thing and I can see why – I kinda do too. Being judged for being gay and because of that you need to have some feminine ways… not even close. But gay before starting to be used as a stereotypical word it used to mean (and it still does mean) a homosexual, someone that is attracted to people of the same sex. Now, this is the part where I don’t believe people should avoid labelling themselves. If you always fall in love with someone with the same sex as you there is a way to describe it: homosexual/gay. If you call yourself that other people will know a fraction of you. A really small fraction but it is still part of you and it defines how are you. Probably you don’t need to say it everytime you meet a new person or update a bio in your social media but see it as a word to say who do you prefer when it comes to starting a romantic relationship.

Speaking of definition the human being is so complex and one single individual can be described with thousands of labels/words and yet can’t describe him at all. In the last decade, they have been surging new words to describe variations of something creating new labels that identify some people better but yet failing miserably with others. This is one of the reasons we shouldn’t take words other people use to describe us so personally. Probably is the closest they could find or know to describe you and they don’t want to offend you. In the end, this is very relative it has to do how did you fell at the moment if you didn’t like the way they say it. When dealing with people you already know the best is to speak and say you didn’t like what they said and maybe they will apologise and say they never wanted to hurt you.

For me writing, my about page is one of the hardest things to do. I never could do it and each time I try it’s always missing something. Some may say that happens because I don’t know myself fully it might be true but we never get to know ourselves completely. I just see it as a way to define myself that doesn’t represent the reality. For instance, I describe myself always as funny no matter what would come next but that doesn’t mean I’m always goofing around, telling jokes, smiling or making other people laugh. Actually, if you know me for the first time you might not even get that idea because I’m also really shy which overcomes my funny. Just here I have two sides of myself and yet is still a small fraction of who I am. Also, I love going out to parties and dance until my feet hurt, but at the same time, I truly enjoy being along doing whatever I want by myself. So I’m introverted but when I’m with friends I’m more extroverted, I can say I’m both or neither of them. I personally prefer to use introverted because is my most usual mind state but that doesn’t mean I’m always alone or hide inside my room.

So this type of words used to describe someone, a person, goes from their behaviour, beliefs, lifestyle, moral rights, ways of thinking to taste, love and much more… but all of them together create a singular person. Vegan are known, for not eating any fish or meat just vegetables. Some less instructed persons (in this matter) don’t know that it goes beyond that it extends for any animal origin product. And here you think we’ll I already knew that they don’t eat eggs, honey, milk and not even that delicious chocolate bar because in is composition have something animal sourced. And only recently I’ve discovered this but even clothing and makeup are as well included in it.



Now until here, you can have some variation of it. You might know someone Vegan but their clothes were provided by a sheep. So how would you describe that person would you call it a Vegan or not?? (Actually, if there is a word for it tell me) I probably would call her that because is easier to communicate with people instead of saying the whole story over and over again. Because to each new people you meet sooner or later you’ll have to tell them and sometimes it gets really boring and upsetting to try and explain to people a way of life different from what they have seen/heard off.

For example, I have a friend that considers herself as a vegetarian – not a vegan – but she eats fish. So instead of saying I’m a vegetarian she sooner says “I don’t eat meat” instead of “I’m a vegetarian that eats fish”. Either version people will question, first because they are curious and second because they probably never heard about such thing, it never crosses their minds it was possible to be in a place in between. I know there is a word to describe this type of diet but I actually don’t know and neither does she and even if she did probably other people wouldn’t know what that mean.

I understand and agree with some Vegan thoughts. Animals are being harmed just to become a piece of meat that we eat and is wrong in so many levels. Although I don’t condemn humans killing other animals for food because I believe in a natural way of life. So if it is normal in nature I believe humans should do it but following rules. If a species is in danger obviously we should protect it. And make sure every death is done with less cruelty as possible. Which means to stop putting 10 chickens in a small box or to force them to eat to get fatter. Milking a cow is good for the animal and if it is done well respecting the cow I don’t see why not. Also, I get and believe in the power of the plants and that we should use them more because the must natural and organic we can get the better for our health. Again this is just a fraction of me, it only defines one small part, but it can help you picture how I thought and part of my moral rights. Although I may not act like this, so I can’t say I practice this food regime but it will be a time when I will change little by little until finding a place where I’m comfortable with what I eat.

So at the same time, I don’t give much importance to labelling people because must of the time is wrong, so is almost impossible to do it. Even if you try hard you will fail in some detail. So why care if someone stereotypes you? When they start to know you they will see how wrong they were. And if they don’t you shouldn’t even be their friends in the first place. Also, this is a way to explain why I don’t get why people still judge a lot. I have judge people when I was younger well everyone does it but I didn’t let it define me as I grow up and now I recognise how wrong I was. And it confuses me how people can be so mean and blind to the world that is in front of them. Things aren’t always black or white, straight or gay, there is bisexual and many other I don’t even know exist. I can see how strange some of the things maybe but that doesn’t give us right to offend others and make fun of them.

What do you think about this? Do you find yourself avoid some words so people don’t misjudge you?


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