April Book Overview

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Can’t believe I just DNF-ed (Did Not Finish) the first book in 2017! I’ve started reading Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen but I can’t finish it. I get so bored when reading it that I was, literally counting how many pages were left for the next chapter so I could get over. I was reading 6 pages per day or something like that, which is nothing. I may as well just read one sentence and close it for the day.

Don’t get me wrong this can be your favourite book and here I am savaging it, but I’m interested to know more about Elizabeth (and also, Mr Darcy) but it’s just not captivating enough to keep me reading it. Although, I was forcing myself and I got almost half way through it but if after all this time reading it I still wasn’t enjoying it, I believe the wise decision is to put it aside. Maybe this was just a mood thing and I wasn’t ready to read it who know maybe someday I’ll give it another try.

With all this mess with Pride & Prejudice, I kinda fall into a reading slump. I was never in the mood to read and I wasn’t feeling the excitement and urge to lost myself inside a book. Once I decided to DNF Pride & Prejudice I was left with nothing else to read so I move on to the sneak peeks on my Google Books Library. I tried A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab but I wasn’t feeling reading a fantasy so I jump to Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan ( I’ve already talked about this book before). Oh, MY… It solved all my problems. The story takes a lot of twists and turns and once I was hooked… free sample is over… NOOO… I went straight to my usual bookshop website to see if they have the book… Just in eBook… WHY??? WHY ME?? Now I have to wait and see if they start selling the paper cover – I don’t even ask for the hardcover, even a pocket edition is fine, just don’t make me read this book from a screen.

Another thing that probably contributed to my reading slump was my commitment to avoid spending necessary money (for some exciting things) in books. So I really was a little sad and unmotivated, but Easter doesn’t come just with chocolates and bunnies, so I received some precious money. At the same time, I had a lucky strike and spot The 100 by Kass Morgan 40% off price! A BARGAIN!! And since I already told myself to buy the books even if I don’t start reading them right away I didn’t see way not take the chance. I was accompanied by friends and they started laughing at me because I was acting like a kid who got her favourite toy for Christmas. I was genuinely happy! Also, I don’t know why but it was getting hard to find the first book of the series in shops, so I didn’t think twice and brought it home with me.


A week or so later I went on a fully I’m-here-to-buy-books shopping spree and bought: Hollow City by Ransom Riggs, I already read the first book of the series (and saw the movie) in the beginning of the year and I enjoyed it, so I think is time to get back into the Peculiar world once again. Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch, I can’t express how excited I am to grab this book and read it. I already talked about it and I can’t believe I now own a copy of it. Hopefully, it will sit next to The French Gardener as my favourite Spring time read. Finally but by no reason means least: Frozen Heat by Richard Castle. I had lost hope in getting my hands on the translated versions of it because the TV Show ended. I was really caught by surprise when I just saw it there on the shelf with all is blue glory waiting for me. This is the fourth book in the Nikki Heat series and truth to be told I need to read the previous ones before jumping into this one because I don’t remember a thing! But that would be my plans for June & July.

Speaking of which… For May, I decided to save my recent purchases a little bit and try to redeem one book I DNF last year: Leonardo’s Swans by Karen Essex. If I remember correctly, I just put this book aside because I bought new ones, and I was excited to read them, so this one pay the price of being left behind. The story follows two sisters, in late fifteen century, who are about to get married by political advantages. It also involves lots of love triangles, squares, pentagons… just lots of love and betrail. In the meantime, Italy is facing the Renascent movement with all the architecture, painting and sculpture emerging from various artists and Leonardo da Vinci is one of them. I still don’t know how deep is his role in the story but since I’m studying Architecture (an art degree) and I’m also having a class about the Renaissance, I’m really enjoying reading it.

This book Overview isn’t over if I don’t talk about the books that caught my eye this past month. One of them being: The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr, I just bump into this one and I don’t even know how but it got me intrigued. From what I could gather, the story is about a girl who suffers from short-term memory loss, after a brain tumour. She happens to kiss a boy and without any apparent reason that is the only memory that sticks to is brain. Sounds really unlikely to happen in real life but what is the point of reading if it isn’t to escape the “normal”. Also to create some diversity in my TBR list I joined: When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. I don’t know much except is a contemporary about an arranged Indian marriage and how it works in a modern society.

Just to wrap thing up, this next book could fit the post of movies that make me read: A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. The movie was getting trouble because of allegedly hurting animals in the shootings which ended up delaying the premier for almost two months. Thankfully that didn’t prove to be true, so it made is way to theatres. (If you want to know more about this story I’ll leave here a link to the full article) I haven’t seen the movie but I’m excited. I’m a dog person so I’ll probably cry or let just a single tear drop down my cheek and pretend to be “strong”. Anyway, when I found out it was based on a book I wasn’t much surprised but when I found out it’s actually the first book of a series I got thrilled. If one book about the relationship between a dog and his owner is good a series about it is delightful!!

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