March Book Overview

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Oh well, birds are singing, the days are warming up and getting “longer” and is finally changing for the perfect mod to an outdoor reading time. I love being at home, comfortable but the connection with nature is something amazing, that we can’t experience through a glass window. The third month of 2017 is over and I’m still happy with my reading rhythm. I’m so proud of not getting into any reading slump – yet! I do enjoy reading but is so easy for me to put a book aside and just turn on the tv.

Since the last week of February, I was reading Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth and it was different. It wasn’t the usual happy time’s story and wasn’t the book to set you with a happy mod, instead, it was interesting, captivating in so many different levels. When I remember this book I don’t get a smile on my face but a huge will to get back into that world and just to let my imagination go free. Imagine how they see the universe and see the Current. OMG, I still have to wait ONE year to get my hands on the continuation, I’m not going to make it… Keeping with the same author, We Can Be Mended was a gift for any Divergent fan. I few of them – or maybe almost everyone – didn’t enjoy this new ending of the series and although small it was a high speeded story.

When you hit an end that doesn’t leave you screaming with excitement, anything like start off on a new book. I finally read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and I only have one thing to say: WHY DIDN’T I STARTED EARLIER?? It was amazing! So heart warming, involving and funny. You know the book was good when you want to reread it after you just finished it.

In the top of this, I still managed to start reading Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. As a “new” book devourer I believe the classics are called that way for a reason and they should be read as well. It’s great to read new releases but old stories made until these days because they are masterpieces and probably the inspiration for thousands of books to be written. Although I find important, that doesn’t mean I’m going to enjoy as much. I’m not too far in the book and truth to be told the long description scenes are getting a bit boring, but I’m still curious to know how the story is going to develop. Hopefully, the duck becomes a wonderful swan and one of my favourite classics.

Last month, I started sharing some summer reads and I have another title to add to the bundle: Summer at Shell Cottage by Lucy Diamond. The cover is beautiful and it got me by surprise the author actually published a fair amount of books. So I’m really curious about it. From what I could gather, the story is about a family that escape each summer to a shell cottage but this time the problems go along side instead of staying back at home.

Reading about someone reading something that doesn’t belong to them has some magic that interests me. In February I talked about Love & Gelato that is set in Italy, this time I want to travel to France and to find a lost purse with a precious notebook inside. The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain is another one to be read this summer – hopefully! The story follows Laurent that tries to find the right owner of a handbag lost in Paris by just using the stuff inside it. How is he going to do that?

Being an art-ish student I had to my TBR a book around the subject. Piper Perish by Kayla Cagan it feels to be interesting. Although what interested me the most was Piper’s sister and the changes she is being through, I want to know if I can relate to the changes a closed friend of mine went through as well. Besides, I never read anything about an art student so I’m excited to read this book and see how accurate it can be.

Simon vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli is becoming a movie and there is so much hype around it that got me interested in knowing more about. After all isn’t every day a book gets to be immortalised on the big screen. Also, the main character is gay so is a good way to enter a more diversified reading category. The story is all around Simon who is being blackmailed with is sexuality becoming public knowledge for the entire school. If High School for someone secretly gay wasn’t hard enough!

Going throw the books that are made into movies or had being before, I cross paths with The Circle by Dave Eggers. The story follows Mae Holland who goes working for a powerful internet company and soon she realises how public everyone’s life is online. We are living in an era more by each day online and seeing where the limit between public and private stays is important. No point to say I have great expectations for this book.

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