In Review: Fangirl

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Cath only has one passion: Simon Snow. Whole her life she was hand to hand with her twin sister, Wren. Both shared the same love for Snow but Cath is the only one that takes it seriously enough to start writing her own fan fiction based on the relationship between him and his nemesis Baz. When both go to University, Wren leaves Cath alone to move in with a friend, while Cath finds herself in a strange place away from everything she knows… except Simon.


I’m going to try and keep this review spoiler free, but if you are going to read this book for the fist time when you reach the 150 pages is better to only pursuit if you have HOURS to spend. Believe me, you will need them because the last thing you will want to do is to put this book down. I’ve learned this the hard way while reading until 3 o’clock in the morning to be waking up at 7 – although it was so worth it!

First of all, I hated the beginning of the book. I hated Cath and I’m not sure why but there was something I didn’t quite like on her. Maybe some things she said or thoughts or behave, whatever it was, was putting me off right from the start. I was getting scared if I wasn’t liking the beginning what are the odds of enjoying the rest of the book? Well… – in this case – pretty high! This book was FENOMENAL! Once I start enjoying it I couldn’t stop. Even when I finished it I wanted to read it all over again.

The first pages we go along side with Cath while she’s starting Uni and it brought to me so many memories. I was feeling so nostalgic and understanding what Cath was going through as a freshman in a completely strange place. Even when they talk about how one freshman month equals six regular months. So true!! And I still can get over my mind how realistic all the scenes felt.

A few pages deeper I started to understand Cath, connecting with her, relating to her and son I was completely in love with her story. The romance was on point. Savage, gooey, complicated, simple, was everything you could ask and even more. And once you thought “ok no more romantic problems” wait… after all, there is something else. We can see the relationship between characters evolving and changing ones for better others for worse.

As I mention above, Cath writes fanfiction and we actually get to read it as well. We can read a small excerpt from the books where the characters originate from and snippets of Cath’s story. For fans of fantasy and magic worlds this should be amazing but for me wasn’t. I’m not a huge fan of fantasy but I was enjoying a lot getting to know both characters. The relationship between them was getting really interesting and FYI it even got is own book – Carry On. Although the fighting scenes and all that magic school stuff was boring me, leaving me very confuse if I should read their or not.

I think Rainbow Rowell writing was fun, young and what you need for a young adult story. A lot of the time it was normal and fits well the character or the situation but other moments were like too much. I was expecting a few swear words, but some of them looked to me unnecessary and depending on the situation even mean.

If I didn’t like the beginning I also wasn’t a big fan of the end as well. Everything just happened so quickly and so much at the same time. I wish Rainbow developed other aspects of the story. I would love the ending if it was more 100 pages long, probably that would be enough to say a few more things… Or another book, that will do too!


I’ve never done this in a book review before but I found this particular quote and I have to share with you because is my favourite. It doesn’t spoil anything and shows how funny Rainbow writing is.

“She had to make him another omelette.”

It’s just so simple but make laugh a lot. An entire conversation was happening as she was cooking and obviously shifting of attention in the kitchen can be quite dangerous, meaning burning something you have done thousands of times. For Cath was omelettes.


“Read to me, sweetheart”

This quote is everywhere when I search for fan art about the book and it makes me cringe so much! Ahhh! Sweetheart! I can’t deal with that word. There is nothing wrong with but it just isn’t for me. No boyfriend of mine is allowed to call me that. Although… if he doesn’t mind to hear me reading to him the same way Cath did to Levi, I would be making the story came to life. But no pressure…


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