In Review: We Can Be Mended

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On one peaceful day, I was scrolling down my Twitter like I enjoy doing every morning. When I was giving up and put down my phone, one little thing caught my attention: a tweet from Carve The Mark Books. They were asking for everyone who hasn’t received their copy of We Can Be Mended to send them the confirmation email from the pre-order of Carve The Mark. I just jump out of bed, grab my computer and went to my email account to do what they were asking. Over a month had passed and my hope was fading away. I thought for some reason I wasn’t going to get it. But that glorious morning I got thrilled with excitement and filled with hope again. It was on the end of that same day my mother sent me a picture of the book. He had finally come!! I was in heaven!! So the email I send didn’t do anything.

Before going into my thoughts about We Can Be Mended, I just want to live here something I wrote even before receiving Carve The Mark – which happened 3 weeks before. I was searching on Twitter about it and a few people already had received their copy sooo… I was spoiled and also got a bit disappointed with people:

Veronica is great and, advertising strategies aside, she did a sequel for Divergent series and yet people say really mean thing to her. I hope she’s getting lovely reviews as well because it makes me really sad when people cross the line between giving a negative critic and being awful. If you didn’t like the book just say you were expecting more or a different turn of events don’t go to twitter saying she’s awful and she ruined the series. First, you can’t speak on behalf of every fan, that is your thought of the book and other people might disagree with you and second there are a lot of ways to say you didn’t like it, there’s no need to be aggressive.

My first impression when I got to put my hands on it was… how small it was! I wasn’t expecting something big but also not this small. The number of pages isn’t the only thing small, the size is too. Just for you to get an idea it’s around A5 size (16.5 x 23.4 in) and has 33 pages full of story.


Obviously, isn’t enough to explain and give lots of details to convince the readers that are the right way and the best end. For us, readers, the time hadn’t passed as much as it did for the characters. They started to create new relationships we didn’t see blossom and I believe this is why most of the people didn’t like the epilogue. Everything happens so quickly that is hard to go along with it and grab every piece of information she gives you.

For her wasn’t easy as well because I (want to) believe Veronica had such bad time trying to shrink the story. If she wrote another book, just 200 pages long would be enough to explain and, for the readers to go along as Tobias grow up as the city tries to get back on its feet once again. Who I am I kidding?? This is only for my personal and self-enjoyment! I don’t care about the others!! Please, Veronica, give me more Tobias!! You don’t need to do another brutal book just a simple romance will do and because of the baggage which one carries the problematic would come up really easily – or maybe I should start a fanfic…

Back to my point, when we close a book we froze time and those characters stay trapped inside the book forever but for an author, they live behind those pages. They live in the drafts no one else will see, in the back of the mind with stories that never got so see pen and paper. So for Veronica, Tobias grew up, started thinking differently and bonded with new people, he moved on. And despite the majority of people who read this epilogue didn’t like it, they forget an important factor: AGE. I know they don’t seem to have the age Veronica say they (Tobias, Tris & Co.) have because they have been through a lot! But just having that fact in mind explains a lot – not that makes me thrilled of excitement how it all ends.

We forget he was 18 years old and now is 23 it doesn’t seem much but he thinks differently now and that we are not seeing or we don’t understand quite well. She explains everything but we don’t see it while is happening as we read it, we don’t get all the details so is hard to convince people.

The character changed but we are so used to how he was we don’t think he his a young man, who will continue growing older and there isn’t just his physical look that will change it will be as well the way he thinks. Five years ago I thought so differently from what think nowadays and thank God, it means I grew up! And if time passes by me obviously it will pass for him, we just don’t read it, so is almost as it never happens. I know how strange it sounds and that he is just a fictional character. I’m just trying to make my point.

Maybe one big factor for me was my love for Allegiant. I still can’t believe I got that spoiled – maybe it helped me to enjoy the book without getting that shock. The third and final book of the Divergent trilogy made me cry like a baby – I even had to stop reading because I was purring and couldn’t see a thing – and at the same time was one of the best books I’ve read so far. I was speechless when I closed it – I did a review if you want to know more.

I still enjoyed this teeny tiny “book” and got happy for Tobias, but at the same time in my mind there is a constant fight: the heart, which is sad and doesn’t want to understand, and my reason, which gives logical explanations why I should love this epilogue with the same amount of love as Allegiant.

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