Going Under the Sea

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Last year I did a little bit more travelling than usual. Even though it was just for a couple of days, I went to places I’ve never gone before or in this case – one in particularly – I went when I was a little girl.
My best friend had come back to Portugal to spend a few days in Lisbon and I needed to see her. Because it’s not every day I take a trip to the capital, I pack myself with my camera and went to meet her. In the end, we decided to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium.

This Aquarium holds around 500 different species of fishes, plants, mammals, birds, invertebrates and amphibians, and is considered one of the best Aquariums in the WORLD! If you’re considering visit Lisbon this year I highly recommend to take one afternoon – it’s all it takes – to dive into this world and be stunned how beautiful it is.


This photos where about a temporary exhibition – that it’s still on?! How is that temporary?? – It’s called Forests Underwater by Takashi Amano and has the purpose of bringing awareness of the danger tropical forests face. Therefore, Takashi created an ecosystem allowing the visitor to relax, break out of their routines and be teleported to the origin of life.


Those two sweeties are one of the primary attractions. Everyone loves them, and it was the most jammed place in the whole Oceanarium as well. But how doesn’t like to see otters bathing themselves?? OHH they are so CUTE!!


The Oceanarium is divided in different aquariums and this one is the central piece – literally!. It’s the biggest and is visible from almost every corner, even in the two floors the Oceanarium is divided. You can even sleep next to all these fishes – at least the kids can, I actually don’t know if the adults are allowed as well. I think is a great idea to spend the night under the sea.


By last and not means least, we have the clown fish also know as Nemo! I actually photographed Dori as well but the photos are all blurred – so sad!

It is probably one of the hardest places to take great pictures. So you can have an idea, I took around 300 photos and it was hard to find these eleven and it wasn’t because they were all great. Also, going back and see these photos makes me want to go there again and probably don’t take the camera, just appreciate and enjoy how beautiful nature is.

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