Problems of wearing glasses

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Since 2013 I’ve been wearing glasses 24/7 – even when I’m sleeping… yes I fall asleep wearing them. The first time I knew I had to wear spectacles – this word makes me giggle so much – was back in 2009. We leave in an era when glasses are considered more as an accessory and for the look than for the actual need of them.

Therefore, 14 years-old me was so excited to wear glasses. Unfortunately, my first pair wasn’t quite stylish and not my favourite, and only 4 years later, I finally bought a pair that suits me and I love them.

Considering that, I have them every time on my face, I found a few problems that only people who wear them that often can relate to it.

The first, and probably the most annoying, is how dirty the lenses gets from one day to the other. I find so boring to clean them every single day, but on the other hand, I hate when they are covered in fingerprints. And what about that teeny tiny grain of dust that landed on the lens right in the middle of your line of sight? Once you know is there, there isn’t anything you can do to make you forget about it.

Another common problem is when greeting another person who wears glasses as well. You know that awkward moment when both glasses shock together? BEST. THING. EVER! And no matter how long you wear them it’s always about luck. I think it should be considered an ability to avoid successfully to bump into the other person glasses. Well, you can always use a handshake to prevent an embarrassing moment.

For home cookers like myself, the next one is quite common: steaming your glasses. For some reason, wearing steamy glasses makes everyone laugh and asking to do it again. Despite being an entertainment for the whole family, it can make the simple task, as taking a tray out of the oven, a nightmare. Other situations that can steam your glasses is drinking a tea or another hot beverage, doing exercise or a bit extra of physical effort and the heat of your body will start to steam your glasses next to the nose – it’s such a great place…

Speaking of tea, I like to drink mine sometime between dining and going to bed, while I read or watch tv and when I’m tired there is a higher probability for me to fall asleep with my glasses on my face. It’s so uncomfortable to sleep with them, but you know those moments when you just blink for a second and when you wake up is the next morning? With me, it happens with and without glasses when I want to sleep nothing can stop me.

Also, one of the reasons why is so often for me to fall asleep with them takes me to the last problem: getting used to it. Once you try seeing trough the lens for the first time is magnificent is like seeing a new and different world, more vibrant and defined, which is awful everytime you’re not wearing them. Sometimes while watching tv, I just want to lay my head down on the pillow to get more comfortable and the bloody glasses keep on annoying but, taking them off is something unthinkable. Once you get used to the sweet pleasure of a good sight you never want to go back.

Basically, those are my top five problems I found wearing glasses during this (almost) 4 years. A few of them I wish somebody told me so I could be prepared others I was expecting but are also annoying.

Do you wear glasses and have a funny story you would like to share? Fell free to do it. Also, do you have other problems that irritate you??

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