In Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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When sixteen-years-old Jacob finds himself facing his Grandfather murdered, he starts to realise all those amazing and unlikely stories may be true all along. To catch the killer and clear things up he travels to a remote island off the coast of Wales, to find the orphanage and Miss Peregrine in hope to get some answers.

Did you ever questioned yourself what’s the story behind some old pictures?? Ransom Riggs did and the result was Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (MPHPC). This book is full of mystery and little stories behind the photos shown. If you get scared really easy or don’t like to see creepy things you shouldn’t read this book. I usually read at night before going to bed and at least for two times, I had to end my reading session sooner and watch a little bit of tv to get my mind off the story. And I’m one of those peoples who doesn’t have nightmares after seeing something terrifying but the problem is while I’m awake I can stop myself from imagining and thinking about it.

But if you don’t get scared and want to read some crazy stories this book is for you! The book is really easy reading and you don’t have big paragraphs or extensive chapters. The images give a great contribute to the book, not only gives you a visual idea of the characters it also makes you want to go find a few long lost photos to discover the story behind it – probably won’t find any peculiar. That was one of the things I must love about this book, the possibility to spend the time I wanted to contemplate those images and learn every detail.


Ransom Riggs really knows how to make the monsters come to life which even made me be scared of some words he says. For example, when Jacob finds the house all the description of what he is seeing really scared me. I felt as if I was inside of a horror movie. Also, a few photos freaked me out big time when I was passing by them I had to cover them so I could continue reading the book. And all these emotions of getting scared and felt chills down my spine made me enjoy this book so much.

As usual, when I started reading this book I didn’t know much about it. Just by the look of it, I thought the male character would be older and some sort of archaeologist or a treasure hunter and for some reason, he would get stuck in an island where would be a mansion for Peculiar Children. The reason why they are peculiar is easy deductible by just looking at the picture of the front cover. And here was where I couldn’t make up any more story. Reading the first chapters my theory was still OK it just needed a couple adjustments, so the men would be a teenage boy and he wouldn’t discover the house by any lucky guess, his grandpa used to show him photos which he finds interesting and abnormal. Therefore, his curiosity leads him to find that house feature in his grandpa stories. As I was reading another piece of my theory keep falling down and I got to a point where I just gave up. I completely fail about the development of the story. Which turned out to be nice, that way the book became unpredictable for me and I could enjoy it word by word without knowing what would come next.

Another positive aspect is how slow and calm the story develops. Not even the last pages where must of the action takes place where fast speeded. I’ll try to explain better but is hard. The author goes step by step guiding you through this amazing world of the peculiar slowly so you can have time to process all the new information. When the story starts to speed up and more exciting you still have breaks to calm down which made me keeping the same rhythm throughout the book. It’s a really chilled reading – minus the scary parts – and you’ll not going to get bored with it.

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