Goodbye 2016…

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It’s that time of the year again when everybody is talking about the best and the worst of 2016. Guess what… I’m not going to be an exception!! I’ve been off for quite a while – not always by choice – and I’m sorry for it, this isn’t how I planned to finish this year. First was Uni, work, work, work, then came Christmas time for family and help to prepare everything, and because I’ve been so good this year Santa brought to me a cold. Such sweetheart!! December turn out to be the exact opposite of my plan.

Moving on… Despite all the despicable events throughout 2016, it was a nice year for me. I can’t complain much and comparing with 2015 which was one of the worst – or even the worst – of my life so far, but this year was gentle with me. On a positive note, I have the small travels I did in the summer and the recognition of the effort I’ve been putting on Uni. On the other hand the not-so-positive moments of the year where mostly blog related. I usually like to start with the worst so I can finish with the good.


Not-So-Great Moments

Not using the summer to write thousands of blog posts
For a lot of people, this is the time when blogs, social media, YouTube get bumped with new context. The younger generation – myself included – are on vacation, no schedule or classes to assist and 24/7 availability to do whatever is in your mind. Sounds perfect to get the views going up and crafting and cooking some new posts. Well, at least this is how everyone else can spend their summer vacations but not me. Ohhh no… I’m different, not having a schedule killed my blog in those 3 months (June, July and August). FYI I only posted 6 times during those months and all thanks to a lack of planning which gave me a new habit that I want to improve for next year.

Failing miserably the 24 Crafty Days
I couldn’t do 24 Craft Days which make me fell disappointed at myself even thou I know how stressful it was to conciliate Uni, personal life and the blog. My head was a thousand miles per hour. In the beginning of the month was a horror film. I underestimate the amount of time it would take me to do the posts better and it all came down at once in the firsts days which made me get my priorities in order and again the blog was left for second place – or even third. I knew I had to plan the posts quite early to be able to do it but is those things you keep thinking “I still have time to do it” and once you know it you are writing and editing the posts in the same day 1 hour before schedule. And I even change the schedule for 8 pm instead of 6 pm my initial plan to conciliate with other blog posts I would write going up in the same day – I was delirious publishing twice a day?! I even couldn’t publish once a day!

Highlights of the Year

My one day trips in the summer
I usually don’t do much during summer and I wanted this year to be different and I nailed it! A couple of friends of mine decide to spend a few days in each other’s houses to get to know more places in Portugal. I spend a 3 days vacation in a lovely and small town called Anadia where I eat one of the best pizzas ever! We went to Aveiro one day to the beach and the other to Santa Maria da Feira for the annual medieval fair which was amazing and I’m going back next year. Also, we decided to spend one day in Porto and I even did a blog post about it and was a well spend day.

Receiving a good grade
When you get to University is hard to get often good grades or you really enjoy what you are doing or it will suck your life to get Bs. After 4 years as an architecture student all over the country, the structure of the curse is the same: more practical than theoretical. The theoretical disciplines you only need to study, pay attention in class and you pretty much get a good grade but when it comes to making models and drawings it can get hard. This is one of the major problems with art there isn’t actually a right or wrong – isn’t like math – and the trick I found was to talk regularly with a teach so he knows your work and say “change this” or “go see that” and help you to improve your project. So it was a huge conquer for me to get a B in the middle of the semester, I’m sure it will help me in the end of the school year and even if I don’t repeat the stun at least I know the effort I took for that grade was rewarded.

In an overall view I spend must of my days happy and I believe is thanks two specific things: books and the blog. I’ve never written this much and never read as much as this year and if the result is happiness I’ll keep doing it next year.

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