Christmas Bauble Bookmark (PDF)

This post is going up a little late then I expected but I couldn’t spend this day in vain being the last day of the 24 Crafty Days without giving what I promised last month. I enjoyed so much to design this bookmark that I want to create a few more in the future and whenever that happens I’ll be sharing with you.

For this season I thought it would be so funny to take a bauble from the Christmas tree and use it to keep tracking of your Christmas readings. Therefore I searched for ways to do and how to draw it. I printed out a test version smaller than the original and I found it so cute and I’m proud of myself to be able to do such creation. It’s simple but is my baby and I still haven’t found defaults and believe when I say I’m the first one to say then all. I’m really happy the way it turned out and I hope you like it too.

You can download the PDF here and printed out on a white cardstock to give more resistance to the bookmark. Just be careful and see if the cardstock isn’t too thick or it might not go through your printer. Once is printed you just need to cut out the shape even the little golden piece used to hang the baubles. Use a piece of string of your choice, pass it through the golden piece and do a knot at the end. Now you literally have a flatted bauble to save you page for later. I like to leave the little knot outside of the book so I can pull it and open the book easily.

Hope you like it and have a Merry Christmas surround with your loved ones and full of delicious treats.



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