Christmas Reading Playlist

Some days you just don’t want to hear silence especially if you are living alone – like me – it can become even a distraction not having a background noise. And there are a few noises that make me climb walls and annoying me so much that came from the outside – for instance, a construction site – and is nice to grab my headphones and ignore the outside world for a few moments. So I needed to find a middle point between enjoyable music and be able to stay focus. This is when the classical music comes in.

I love to hear music out loud and sing along but when it comes to reading or writing I can’t have any lyrics in my head and hearing new songs or a few I never heard about can be an unpleasant experience. Therefore, hearing well-known classical music leave you with a good sensation and it allows you to fully concentrate on your task. Since this season is usually dedicated to Christmas songs you don’t fell quite festive when hearing classical music – at least I don’t – so I was in need for a special playlist that could make me fell Christmassy and not distracted with the lyrics. The answer was Instrumental.

You can hear any music if you search for the instrumental version on YouTube or Spotify. But I wasn’t fully satisfied because with the original instrumental version I can still sing along so it would end up distracting me as well. Therefore I let Spotify chose my fate and started listening to the Instrumental Christmas playlist. As I predicted some of the songs I had to hit forward for some reason until I got to a few of them which weren’t that bad and different from the original version but I was still able to identify the song that was playing. For my surprise, the songs were played by The Oscar Brown Jazz Trio – emphasis on JAZZ. Some parts of the songs are quite familiar but when they start to jam and giving the song that extra rhythm characteristic of the genre makes me fell happy and festive. Since there is no lyrics I can’t get distracted singing along – at least for much long.

I do fell this playlist is perfect for reading a Christmas book because it sounds so much like that background music you can hear in the movies or people have played around the house and still be able to talk to each other without yelling. Every time I hear this playlist I just want to sit by the Christmas tree, grab a book and enjoy the warm from the fireplace.

The Oscar Brown Jazz Trio – Christmas Jazz


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