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This post was supposed to be up yesterday but I spent the day working for Uni and when I sat down to write it wasn’t going has I wanted too. How could I be doing and inspirational post if I wasn’t feeling inspired at all??! I was having big trouble to write a simple sentence and if I pushed it would end up being a shity post. I had to make a decision and despite failing a day I want to believe it was better this way.

After a week into 24 crafty days, I haven’t done much craft, to be honest. There are a few planned but this begging of the month was the worst so I’ve been delaying it for another day. While I am trying to find time to create those DIY posts I’m going to share with you same photos that got me inspired this Christmas. You can find all of this images and even more over my Pinterest.

Christmas Cards
When I think about receiving a card the only thing I can think of is “girl you are getting old!”. A few years ago a simple card wouldn’t mean much and isn’t hard to realise why… just picture a teenager receiving a Happy Birthday card instead of that iPhone 7 he’s waiting for months. We all have/had those material wishes when we were young and when we grow up we start to get more emotional. Therefore, I decided to do some cute little Christmas card to give along side with another present. Basically, every time I want to brainstorm the first thing I do is to open Pinterest – even before grabbing a pen and paper – and search for an overall idea and only later I get more specific. For example, I searched for “Xmas card” and just scrolled down until finding some good idea to pin. Then after seeing a few I decided what type draw I want – if it is a landscape, if is 3d, if is a specific animal… – when I’m decided is time to hit the paper and doodle my idea.


This was the cutest card I’ve found. Is so simple and not too hard to do. Is basically a white bear shape and a few patterns drawn in black to give the idea of a sweater. So cute!!


This second one is harder to do because of all the detail. Although both are quite similar this one has more bits and pieces to think of. I’m surely it has thousands of variations and each one equally beautiful but it will take more time to do.

3D Paper Ornaments
Lately, I’m being so obsessed with paper craft. It’s cheap, is easy – sometimes… – and is pretty, the best combo ever. And these two ornaments are genius. When I see ideas like this the only thing I can think is “how did I not remember to do that?”. The assembling and the shape are probably the tricky part but the draws are so simple and minimal. And you don’t even need to think about highlight or shadows in the trees because the distance between elements creates that effect. I’m so deeply in love with it!


Wall Decor
My family never spend much money on paintings or other wall decorations so I have a lot of space in my room to fill. Despite being nice to have permanent wall decorations is good to change from time to time and Christmas is the perfect opportunity.


Despite the simplicity of the drawings cutting out from a canvas can be quite hard. Getting those line straight should be a challenge but it should be fun to do. And for colouring just glue in the back a colourfull piece of paper and you are done. The better part is that you can apply this technic for any shape you want. I should probably get my wallet and hit an art supplies store to buy a bunch of canvas.

3D Villages
I don’t know why but this year I’ve been obsessed with 3D villages. They are so cute and you can use it to decorate the dinning table or to put next to the Christmas tree. I love miniature and maybe that way I’m in love with this craft. Also, there is so many types from the most simple house box with a little window to the most elaborated ones. The hard part is to choose!

Cardboard Houses & Glitter Houses


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