Christmas Reading List

There’s no secret this blog is becoming lately more about books than anything else. I actually don’t mind and I want it to be a huge part of the blog and if I’m honest with you, they make great posts when I don’t know what else to write about. My only responsibility is to take time each day to read. It seems a pretty easy task… or maybe not… Back to my point, I couldn’t pass by Christmas without doing a blog post about winter books and snuggling under the blankets all nice and warm. Therefore, I present to you my small – quite tiny – list of books I’ve searched for and interested me in some way.

Before I start, I’ve talked about Christmas books on last month book overview, I talked through my reads for this month and I’m not going to mention it again – it would be the third time! – and in the October book overview, I add 2 more Christmassy books I was looking forward to reading this season which aren’t featuring this blog post as well.


Moving on!
It is weird I never got to mention this book before because is the one I’m must interest in The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan. My usual bookshop has it in store and I still haven’t purchased yet. Since it is the second book – soo far – of Dash & Lily series, I want to read the first one Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares. Fun fact, both books are set around Christmas. Although I couldn’t find it in the shop – I needed to order it – and because I already have books to read this month I wouldn’t have time to read them before Christmas. I’m going to wait for January when I’m planning to buy more exciting books. – sooooooo excited!! – and save them until December next year – if I’m able too.

I found this book searching for movies on IMDB, one of them caught my eye and in the synopsis said it was based on a book. I straight away went to know more about it over Goodreads, to my own surprise it wasn’t just one book about Christmas was a WHOLE DAMN SERIES! There are 7 books so far and all of them are set in Christmas. I don’t even need to change the author to be fully inspired. I’m talking about the series Christmas Hope by Donna vanLiere. The first novel was published back in 2001 titled The Christmas Shoes and is going to be a pain in the ass to find it in shops.

This next book intrigued me soo much I think there’s a good probability for me to like it: The Immortal Nicholas by Glenn Beck. I only know one Nicholas associated with this time of the year and is Father Christmas/Santa Claus. Although, a book about Santa should be interesting but about the men he was BEFORE be known as Santa should be better. My expectations for this book are pretty high and read how this all thing about him deliver presents to all the children in the world with help of the reindeer and the elves working in the North Pole started is going to make me see this holiday in another point of view.

When I was young, the genre of book I’ve always said I liked where mystery. It isn’t a lie I do enjoy them, but right now I’m not giving much attention to them as I used too. For that reason, I needed to find at least one set on Christmas. Looking throughout one of the Goodreads Christmas crimes lists this name popped out: Deck The Hall by Mary Higgins Clark and her daughter Carol Higgins Clark. The reviews are very controversial but the synopsis got me interested. No one has been murdered, instead is about a kidnapping 3 days before Christmas and it joins characters from two series, one written by Mary and the other by Carol. SERIOUSLY! I don’t know what is happening with me! The more I try to run away from duologies, trilogies, quadrilogies… the more they come to me. I need help! And instead of one, this book features two. TWO series! That’s too much! Although it would be really interesting to see two different worlds join together, we don’t get to see it every day, don’t we?!

The last one but surely not least is Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah. Reading the synopsis it immediately reminded me of the French Gardener by Santa Montefiore which I love so much. The story is told alternating between the past and the present talking about the terrifying secrets a mother can hide from their daughters. From every book I’ve already mentioned this is the only one not set on Christmas but instead in cold winter days at the coldest state of the US, Alaska. This way I can read it in January when is proper winter because I already have next year full of books to read.


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