My Christmas Movies Update

Throughout this year I’ve watched so many films same of them are new releases and others I’ve always wanted to watch. Christmas movies are not an exception and although they should be on TV every single day until the 25th the TV Networks don’t want too so instead they show the films round the year. The only problem is to watch a Christmas movie in the middle of the summer starts to make me wish for December already. But thanks to that I’ve watched “new” movies everyone talks about or are associated with Christmas.

For some of you, this will be a shock but I’ve never watched “How Grinch Stole Christmas”! Luckily this year was the first time and I’ve watched twice already. It is a really sweet and heartwarming film and Jim Carrey does an amazing job. It appeals to the innocence side we all had and wish to get again. It’s a really lovely for children to elders.

Next up is “A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens” adapted by Disney. These movies always creep the hell out of me. Especially the ghosts of the Present and the Future make me want to run away. But on an overall, the movie teach you a good message and is always great to see grumpy old men become a melted heart.

Did you ever heard about “Stealing Christmas”? It has a plot different than usual. The story starts with two burglars trying to rob a shop on Christmas sales and everything goes wrong from that moment. Trying to flee the scene without being caught is a true challenge and in the run one of the burglars end up trapped in a small town. With not much to do starts helping the locals while planning to rob the entire village. It’s not one of the best Christmas movies but it can get you hooked.

The last but definitely not least film I’ve watched is “The Holiday” and it has gone straight up to my favourites list. The movie is amazing and you never fully know what is going to happen so every scene is a new surprise. The story is about two women who are tired of their lives and decide to spend small vacations in each others house. One of them is from a quiet town in the UK and the other lives in Hollywood next to movie stars and film producers. They are the opposite of each other and therefore perfect to switch places for a few days. If you never saw this movie it needs to go ASAP to your top list of movies to watch throughout December. I really love this film.

Other titles I’ve heard about but never watched are “Elf” and “Father Christmas”. I tend to avoid sometimes Christmas movies because they are usually always the same, they transmit always the same messages. Peace, kindness, sharing and although those are great values it’s nice to see a movie talk about it for the first time but when you watch 265 different films and all of them with the same plot it gets boring. I’m not saying those two movies are boring but it is a turn off for me when it comes to Christmas movies.


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