My top Places to go on Christmas

December is still young and this is the perfect time to take some days off and travel somewhere and still be here to spend Christmas with your family. I don’t travel as much as I want to so the only thing left to do is to dream about it and decide where I want to go first. Being Christmas such special date it would make my vacations magical and be able to spend the Christmas Day in another place else despite my own country would be the best. Obviously, my family was going with me so is a dream not exactly possible to happen – imagine paying for every plane ticket! – but to dream still, doesn’t pay taxes. That’s why today I’m going to take you on a little trip throw my top destinations for spend Christmas!

On the top of my list is New York City. Why?? For so many reasons. First of all, I’ve always wanted to go there and second, beyond the amazing city rush it snows ins the winter! There is only one place in Portugal where it snows every year because is the highest place in the country, therefore I’ve always wanted to see snow falling down around Christmas. In New York, you can experience it and better it see the Central Park in white should be beautiful. I think I’ve mentioned this before, I never ice skated before and I would love to try it and do it in the middle of Central Park with the architectural landscape in the back… it would be a dream come true. If is possible to “blame” someone for this wish is the movie Home Alone. Seeing all those beautiful and giant decorations all around the city shows how importance they give to this day.

In second place is Paris. The city of love is beautiful all year and is my favourite European city to visit. But around this season there is one place I want to be: Disneyland. My best child memories are around Christmas and join it to the magic of the Disney world is like travel back in time to the child innocence and become a child once again. As an adult is where we all want to be, back to ours memories and the times when not receiving the doll we were wishing for was the worst thing that could happen. Also because I’m a grown up I wouldn’t fell all the Disneyland magic the same way as a kid so visit it while is Christmas season it would help.

Next up, is Norway. North European countries are the best and Norway is the second closest European country to the North Pole a.k.a. Santa’s home. The reason I want to visit this country is for one of the most amazing Nature shows: the Aurora Borealis. Be able to see such magical show in the sky should be a once in lifetime opportunity.


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