Gift in a Jar

Keeping the demand on finding more presents and original ideas, the gift jars are the best! For starter, you just need a nice bow and no wrapping paper and then decide the best contest for it. The only limitations you have is the size but that can change from a tiny little 2 inches jar up to a big one. You can also add something aside that doesn’t fit the jar but is needed to complement the content.

I was planning to do a cute and delicious hot chocolate compound jar or even in little tubes with all the ingredients separated and with a cute little card explaining how to do the perfect hot cocoa. Cause I’m a thoughtful person even in the smallest details, I wanted to give them the best of the best so I was starting to search for the tastiest chocolate (either in powder or solid). I started in November but soon I realised I wasn’t going to make it happen, I even couldn’t find the little glass tubes anywhere in the shops. So I ended up dropping down the idea of turned it into a Christmas gift for my friends. It is a great idea now that winter is coming and the days just started to get colder and are here to stay is great to mix all the ingredients and produce a great hot chocolate. For the lovers of hot beverages and snuggle up in front of a fireplace reading a book or watching TV or purely talking – or just looking at the fire – is a perfect and original gift. A lot of the things maybe bought – or maybe everything – but the fact you took the time to prepare all of it makes it more special.

What I love the most about the gift jar idea is that you can offer anything if it fits you can give. So if you can fit a few make-up brushes or lipsticks that is your present. Maybe the person you are giving to is more of a home cooker you can “share” your family’s cookies recipe by giving them the ingredients already measured. Or even if you want to keep it more sentimental or romantic just write down some activities to do together or small quotes to lift up the moral. The idea is so versatile that it end being a personal choice. AS I said if it fits is a gift and in the end, the person can keep the “wrapping” paper because is useful. For me, there is no such thing as enough jars. They can be used for a small arrange of flowers, to store pencils and pens, for make-up brushes or fairy lights… The possibilities are endless and only because you have a glass jar and someone gave it to you. I honestly would love if someone gave me a gift jar despite the contest, it would mean they thought about me and what I would like to receive and that they took the time to prepare it all nice and clean.


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