Secret Santa

We all know with Christmas comes our deepest need to join people around a table and enjoy quality time together. Therefore, the family is our priority but we also have a second family important as well: our friends. We spend so many time with them and share so many memories with them, is sad this season they aren’t the ones we spend time with. The perfect Christmas would be surround with everyone is important to you and loves you and it includes your friends but you would be needing a HUGE dining room to get families and families eating together – you know your friend’s families and their friend’s families… – so the Secret Santa is a good way to celebrate the season of joy with your friends.

Back in 2014, I discovered this “tradition” you can do your friends and make a second Christmas day before the official one. I was living in a house with three other girls and they suggested we did a Secret Santa. I immediately said I never heard about it before. So we decided already we had to do it. And was the best idea ever!! Is so fun and it helped bring more of the Christmas joy. We were together every day at least 5 days a week so from time to time someone said “OMG I really need this thing new” or “I really need this” or “this is so cute” something like that, which make it easier to buy a useful gift.

If you never heard about it is just a simple way to trade presents between your friends anonymously. You just find some friend who want to do it – the more the better – and write down on small pieces of paper your names. Then just mix them together and each person picks up one. If the one you pick is your name mix them all together and chose again. The most important part is to not let your friends know who is going to receive a present from you. The next thing is to specify a day in each will take place the exchange of the presents – I prefer doing it as close to Christmas as possible – and add to your Christmas gifts list one more person.

Since is not the official date you can give joke presents. Those tip of presents usually are cheap and the point is to make everyone laugh even if it will be thrown away in the next day. The goofiest gifts of them all are condoms. It super important to use them but when is given as a gift is always seen as a joke. And basically any sex related item is a big joke but sometimes they can get quite expensive and on those times you need to ask yourself if you’re willing to spend that amount of money just for a big laugh. Another approach  is children’s toys or Disney themed socks. Who wouldn’t like to receive a beautiful pair of socks with their favourite Frozen Princess?? Or even with Barbie?? You just need to think about what children movie they hated the most and… Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore… Hmmm, I don’t know the song, I swear!! I don’t even like the movie…

If you are blessed enough to spend a lot of time with your friend I’m sure from time to time they say something they need badly and for some reason they haven’t bought it yet. This is the thoughtful type of presents. Those gifts show you care and listen to what your friend has been saying or you see they need. For example,  if you know your friend’s wallet is older than you and have more holes in it than a Swiss cheese maybe he’s needing a new one and if after all this time your friend hasn’t bought a new one, he won’t be buying it soon. Also, I love cooking so if you give me something related to it, even if is an apron or a wooden spoon I’ll love it for sure – and kitchen supplies are never enough.

Maybe you are the type of people who wants to share the love you feel for your friend and to let them know it. Buy a frame and print out your best, funniest or cutest photo you both have together. Write them a card saying how much you love him. Just because is a Christmas present it doesn’t mean you need to spend money, after all, is a season of love and share not greedy and money. Also, being myself a crafty maniac I can’t pass by without referring you can spend more time and instead of buying a present, craft one. It would be original and priceless.

I believe whatever present you decide to give if you spend a few moments brainstorming and thinking for real about it, you’ll remember something. And when we spend time thinking, the present will reflect that time you took and even if is from the Disney Princess he hates the most he will know you thought about it and you know him.


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