Inspirational Cards Advent

Before you start reading I’m so sorry about the photos quality I don’t have my Canon with me right now but when I do I’ll be updating this post with better photos.

This year because my school is going to end on the 20th of December – very close to Christmas – and with all the deadlines until there I won’t feel festive as I would wish too so I thought about a way to keep giving me the Christmas Cheer. Also, I wanted to do and advent this year but not buy it and do one with things to do not always will work, because some days will be busier than others and I will fail on some days. With presents, I would know which day have what so it was pointless and would ruin the surprise factor. So then I remember this random way of doing it. With a simple piece of paper with some motivational quotes to spread the Christmas cheer, I can mix them all together and put them inside of each envelope without knowing with phrase belongs to each day.

This was my initial idea but I’ve realised it would take me forever to do 25 envelopes by hand (because I’m not using a standard measure for the cards) so I started thinking about a way to simplify it. Why would I be using the envelopes?? Only to make it prettier because I actually don’t need them. Is true while the cards are inside I won’t read them but if I’m careful enough to preserve the surprise factor I can pass by without them. And so I made my mind I not using the envelopes and instead write down the number directly in the cards. In matter fact, that way I will always know with quote belong to each day.


To get these quotes I just search them on google and choose the ones I love the most. For the measurements of the cards I just made them up. Truth to be told I just took my mouse pad size 5cm x 9cm (2” x 3.5”) but you can use any measure you prefer. I used cardstock as a base material because is thick enough to produce nice cards and thin enough to use it in a regular printer. I printed out more than 25 to make it randomly – and because I couldn’t decide which ones to choose from – so there is no way I can tell which quotes were used.

After all the cards printed and cut out is time to shuffle! To keep the cards facing all oriented in the same direction just shuffle them as you do with a regular deck. No picking!! After that lay them all facing down and grab one by one to write in the corner – or any other place you prefer – the number of the day. I used my golden Edding 1200 metallic pen to decorate the back of the cards. I was looking for a golden touch but if you don’t want to get fancy just use any other you like. This advent is for you so if you are happy with a simple black and white design, go for it.

Basically, the all advent is done! Just place them in order – no picking!! – and store them somewhere you can easily access them and open every morning. I’m going to use a small box so they won’t “run” away and is also easy to move them around less probability to accidentally see one I’m not supposed to. Every day I’ll share over my Twiter the quote of the day so follow me to know which of the above is tomorrow’s inspirational quote.


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