5 Things I live on

Ohh… The weather outside is frightful
But the fire is soooo delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…


I think this is the best music to start this post. Every time the cold days came around I just love to jump inside of this five things I’m about to share with you. But first let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that today is Friday and thankfully there’s no need to go outside which means my top thing to live on:

Pajamas!! or Onesies
Spending a whole day in pjs is amazing. You don’t need to think about what to wear and plus side: the winter pjs are all fluffy and cosy… ohh my God. I can’t wait to go home and get all comfortable and warm, especially when the days are getting colder.
And you can do everything in your pjs, work, cook, relax, just don’t go outside – I don’t feel comfortable going outside with them but if you do feel free to do it as well. Also, I want to get a onesie so bad but I want to buy one with socks attached on like a huge babygrow. This is on my Christmas list since last year! Still, haven’t found THE one…

I even wear them in summer, I know is strange but my feet never get too hot – better yet, they are always cold and by just using some slippers it won’t change a thing. Even though, winter is my time to wear them 24/7. Every time I get home is the first thing I do, I take off my boots and jump straight to my slippers. Because the sole is made with the same fluffy material – it only has those tiny robbery points to prevent you from to slip and end with your bottom on the floor – it’s ok to put my feet on the sofa with them on.

I’m so obsessed with this! I would literally buy every single one I see in shops. I currently have 7 capes and two of them were handmade by my grandmother so I only use them at home – first, they aren’t the prettiest and second because the holes between the knitting are a bit big so it turns out quite chilly to use outside. Even though I love them all and I spend all year wishing for the Autumn to came and the temperature to get lower so I can use them. My only problem is that my University doesn’t have the best conditions for winter. The classrooms are cold and because I sit down at least 4 hours just writing down some notes my body gets even colder. But the problem with the cape is that your arms aren’t protected so I start to get my hands cold and them I start to feel it in my arms and once I know it I’m freezing. Other problem I find with capes is when it comes to work with your hands, I mean, doing some crafts or cooking at home (with the ones my grandmother made) those “long” sleeves can get in the way and made a big mess. So they are good to watch tv, working on the PC or even go to school – if you don’t end up feeling in the north pole! Sadly enough, every year I reach the same conclusions: I have more capes than I can wear.

Scarfs & Beanies/Bubble Hats
I put the two together because they are essentially accessories you can wear to keep you warm. One of them you can see me wearing every single day: scarfs. I love them they keep my neck and chest warm and is so cosy to wrap on them. And now with the “new” oversized scarfs is a way to bring the blankets you have at home for the streets. Love it! Also, because the head is one of the major points where we lose our body heat, for the really cold days when the wind feels like knives cutting off your skin is so good to hide your ears in a beanie or a bubble hat. They are stylish, cute and perfect to embrace the winter days. On a down note, if you need to take it off after spending a good amount of time with it in your head you’ll feel quite cold. So the best is never that it off.

Dressing gowns
Those are the best thing ever created. You’re supposed to use it on top of the pjs but even when you come home after a long day at work you can take your jackets/coats of and dress it on top of you normal clothes and you’ll get so warm… is delicious. I’m constantly wearing mine and on a positive not I can cook with it put on, I just roll up the sleeves so I don’t get dirty and then is time to get moving. It’s like wearing a blanket but with sleeves… Love it! – and I know those exist as well they are on my Christmas list already!

What are your pieces of clothing you can’t pass by the winter without using them??


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