Happy Thanksgiving 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA and despite just be a holiday there I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to “celebrate” this special day for so many people with this blog post. I’m not 100% aware of all the story and traditions behind this date but one thing I now: is a holiday to be thankful. Keeping that in mind, I believe is important to take a moment from our busy life to think and see what can be easily missed with all the fuse.

Prepare yourself for a little story time!
Do you know those times where you see in the movies all those surprise parties and wish some day someone throw one for you?? Well, I did think about it… a lot! My relationships with my friends were never too material and it gets to a certain age where I stop receiving gifts as well as giving them. Instead, we just did a close friends dinner and maybe go out for a couple of hours, just enjoying each others companies. So there were not material gifts only our presence. Don’t get me wrong were the best nights ever, fielded with laugh and good memories. But those nights are always planned by the birthday girl/boy and usually, no one thinks about planning a surprise party so I got a bit jealousy about those “perfect” surprise parties in the movies and wanted to get some of that magic in my life as well. I got so obsessed I couldn’t see the effort my friends were doing over the past few years to surprise me.

So is abut this I want to talk about. Sometimes we are so concerned about what we imagine we forget there are thousands of ways to do it and another thousand to fell thankful for. Is true none of my friends ever throw me a surprise birthday party, but that doesn’t mean they never surprised me for my birthday with unexpected gifts.

They never give me super expensive presents and I wasn’t expecting otherwise, I don’t need to people spend some crazy amount of money to treat me if they are creative and thoughtful is enough for me. And there I was a month ago facing a huge box a couple of my friends gave me. I had no clue what was inside neither what to expect. But one thing I knew for sure, the box was bigger than the actual present and that was smaller boxes inside – because for Christmas my father and I once prepare a surprise like that for my mom. Was the funniest unwrap I ever did. They were just telling me if there were any more presents in the box or to pass for the next one. There were a lot of goofy gifts but I still love them all. And the biggest surprise was when they told me they had the present prepared for a month!! They planned a shopping day for me to say what I liked and would love to have so they can go back again and buy it. Even one day I saw one of them with a wrapping paper and she told it was for wrapping his niece present and we had a “huge fight” – we were just kidding – about the fake Hello Kitty paper and how poorly the imitation was. Never did I knew it was to wrap my present.

After that day it got me thinking if they were the only ones who cared about me more than my friends ever did to give me such commitment  Sadly only that day it struck me as a lightning, they weren’t the first and I completely forgot back in 2010 my huge teddy bear VESI – the name is the join of the girls that give it to me (Vanessa, Elisa, Sara, Inês) – they gave it to me at the school after lunch so I had to carry it for the rest of the day. Is strange because I never forgot who gave it to me and every time I look at it I remember them but for some reason my obsession over a birthday surprise as in the films made hard for me to see that people around me care about me, and I mean something to them that they spend time thinking about me and that is the best gift a friend can give.

I still fantasise about a surprise birthday party and who knows some day it will be the day, but what I can’t ignore or miss is the small details that prove someone cares about you enough to want to see you smile. Again there is no need for material gifts to fell loved by your friends and to know you have people by your side. For that reason, I have to be thankful for being surrounded by such kind persons and for them care about me the same way I care about them. Either if we are living miles away from each other and only get to be together once a year – or even less – when we reunite is like no time had passed by, it’s all the same, the laugh, the jokes, the memories.

So for tomorrow be thankful for the friends you have, for the people that are standing by your side even when you are in a bad mood. Be thankful from the little surprises they do, for the care they have for you and most important for the commitment they give to you either if is listening to you for 5 hours on the phone or just to text you asking how you are today.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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