New TV shows you need to see

Rain is starting to come over and we all know is the worst time to get out the house. All we want to do is stay inside, wrapped in a blanket, all cosy and ready to do a marathon watching tv. After all, weekends were made for that purpose. Because September was the time for “freshly” new tv series I was in need of updating my “watching” list. After hearing people talking about some new shows that were “AMAZING” I started to see the pilot episodes to see with my own eyes. I was not disappointed!

The first I want to talk about is Timeless. I saw the trailer and to be honest I was not impressed. I didn’t know how they would keep the story going with such limitations as time travelling and catching a killer, I mean after catch him what would happen next? Usually, every thriller series have various killers they catch every episode but they also have an important one which goes way far into the seasons. What made me give a shot was the time travelling thing I enjoy sci-fi and see what’s impossible to accomplish in the present day amazes me. So there I was watching the first episode of Timeless and… OMG! Was amazing! I loved it! I immediately knew is going to be one of my faves for months.

The story starts with a guy stealing a time travelling machine while kidnapping the director of a company. The company in question is the producer of that kind of technology and they get really concerned with the chances the thief can do with History and also get their director back all in one piece. So they hired an academical history professor, an ex-military and a tech (from the company) – who knows how to “drive” that thing – to team up and travel back in time to prevent any changes in the American History. Until here is a good plot but not a big deal. When they are there in the past things get complicated. Suddenly they start to fell sad to know what is going to happen and who’s going to die without being able to do anything to save them because it will have consequences for the future. And at the same time they have to find and arrest the fugitive without interfering with any event – and I mean ANY – even if is small and maybe insignificant, they can’t predict the consequences for the future. In the end of the first episode we also know that she ( the history teacher) has something to do with all that mess – as well as the leaders of the investigation – and the reason why the thief is trying to change the course of the events. Without giving anything more away it was not the plot I was expecting and is much more interesting. I left others things out because I don’t want to spoil you and get away some shocking revelations – even if is just the first episode. Just see for yourself.

Next is This is Us, I heard it was good but I did not know any more details or what it was about, I just decided to give it a try. Also a little heads up for Castle fans, Jon Huertas is on the show! I still haven’t seen him yet he’s not one of the main characters but from the first moment he appears he still haven’t gone away. Back on track… is a simple show following the life of 4 different persons and their everyday problems. One woman who can’t lose weight, a handsome actor who is tired of play as goofy, a successful man who was abandoned by his father when he was a newborn, and a couple starting their life dealing with a triplets pregnancy. Also, it starts off by telling you according to Wikipedia each one of us has our birthday in common with thousands of people, so it appears to be 4 different lives with only one factor in common their birthdays… well is more than that. Only at the end of the pilot episode, you know what is actually all about and it surprised me so much making the story even better!

The story appealed to me because I never watched a tv show in a more “lifestyle” or everyday problems way, I’m more of a comedy or policial thrillers and is kind of a breath of fresh air to see something different. Also, is such human and “real” type of story is easier to relate to the characters or at least know someone with a similar problem. – not that I find triplets as anything usual… This show already had me hooked before it even ends the first episode.

In an overall view, usually, there are not many shows that can blow your mind or get you hooked from the first episode – at least that I can remember. The pilot episode is must important but is also the worst. They need to get all the ideas of what is all about and as well to get you excited to watch the next. Is easier in the middle of a season where you tease the viewers with a chicky little romantic situation hanging for the next episode, but in the first one you can’t do it because is moving too fast and if is already a story of a couple the romance doesn’t have the same impact, so is kinda tricky to amaze people on the pilot episode. To compare it, I started as well watching Stranger Things I heard so much about it and in the end the pilot episode wasn’t that overwhelmed and shocking as it was Timeless or This is Us, maybe because my expectations where to higher or just maybe because the first episode is not that big of a deal but the next ones are great.


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