Bookmarks as an art

As I said last Friday I was super busy over the weekend and unfortunately I couldn’t do what I was planning, which leaves me with a blank space for this week. Also, I tried hard to turn this post into something else, I tried to draw a nice little bookmark that corresponded to my demands, but I couldn’t do it. My drawings weren’t how I want them to be and I didn’t want to give you something I’m not proud of. Although, I’ll leave a promise here to start working on one so it’s done and all pretty by December. Consider it a little Christmas present from me ūüėČ



I started all this demanding for a bookmark because I was in need of one prettier than the one I currently have. As you can see is not interesting and is doing publicity to an award for children literature that I’m not such if is for children to write or for adults to write children stories. Either way, doesn’t have anything to do with me and the only positive aspect is the little crocodile on top, if you align it with the margin of the book it looks like is coming out, is so funny and I like it. When I need to take the book with me, I put the little croc head inside¬† so it won’t get all wrinkled (even thou I don’t like it I still don’t like to destroy it if I’m using) but it turn out is too big for the book, and the nose always stays out and that annoys me. So I needed a bookmark that was funny and short as well so I could store it inside of the book without be worried about ruining it.

So I went to Pinterest to search for ideas. I found so many and some good ones. From simple rectangular ones to corner funny animals. There are for every taste, the hard part is to choose which one. I couldn’t decide myself so I went for four different bookmarks.

(click on the images to see more)book2

This one is right up to my alley. The PDF is free but is all in black & white so if you want to have a bit of colour you need to print it on a coloured sheet.


This one was so aesthetically pleasing to me, I couldn’t resist. They are 4 different designs in the same colour scheme.


I love feathers and the colours are so beautiful. Also, having a quote from Shakespeare, or Dr Seuss or Walt Disney is a great bonus.


The last but not least, and my favourite. These owls are so cute and quite realistic and the way it joins with a feather, just the best bookmark ever!

Throwing back to the title I refer a bookmarker as an art and if you search a bit online you see it is. It blew my mind how different types you can do and how funny and creative you can be with it. And just because is a piece of card with the purpose to save where you stop reading doesn’t mean it should be awful. Is true anything can be a bookmarker, even a necklace (it’s still inside of one of my books) but why not do one that expresses the genre of the book or your favourite animal or season or quote or anything in between. If you can draw it is art and is yours and you know no one is going to have the same. I think this is kinda weird but I enjoy to use a bookmark, not only for is purpose but instead of just get excited about continuing reading the book I also get happy when I grab the bookmark to save the last page I read and to appreciate it a few seconds before closing the book. You’re probably thinking I’m some kind of weirdo and maybe I am but I like to take a moment of my day to see pretty things no matter where they come from and to let them inspiring me, even if is just a bookmark.

For more inspiration or other printables go to my Pinterest Bookmark Album!


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