Tea for every moment

The blog exists over a year now, and I’ve just realised is named Black Leaves Tea but I never did a blog post starring my favourite drink. While I’m writing this I’m also sipping some Earl Grey. Before I jump into my go to teas and when I enjoy drinking them, I want to tell you my favourite time to do it. I absolute can drink any time doing anything but my favourite is while I’m reading. You can heat up your hands, get all cosy, relax and let your mind under off. On the other hand, if I’m on the computer is more likely I’ll be drinking my tea cold. Because I’m using my hands I can’t warm them up, so is more likely to work first and drink last.

Black tea
I believe this is one of the strongest tea – at least I don’t know any other – and that is why I love to drink it in the morning. I think there are studies that show that tea is better than coffee. I know coffee lovers will go mad, and I spend my first University year drinking coffee because… is coffee and I had some pretty bad night with lack of sleep so I needed an energy bust for the classes in the morning. I guarantee coffee is a bump of energy and it really makes a difference when you’re tired. Although I enjoy tea as well – and it lasts longer than a coffee so it’s a point –  and thought about trying to drink black tea instead of drinking coffee and let me tell you it works. You can’t tell when you are feeling energised or feeling all that power to work, is kinda of a low sensation. You stop feeling too sleepy and you can concentrate well but you don’t fell that bump of energy that tell you that your body is working on the caffeine. So I prefer drinking tea instead of coffee because it will give me more energy throughout the day, instead of the next hour.

From one edge to the other. If black tea makes me awake and energised the chamomile is to relax after a stressful day – or to be less excited/worried about something. I like to drink this before going to bed to set my mind into a zero worries state and to prepare to go to sleep. Funny fact, chamomile has a strange effect on me. When I am fully relaxed and only want to drink a tea with chamomile flavour – not because I need to calm down – I get excited and energised and when I drink it when tired or stress it actually works and frees my mind from any problem.

Because is almost Christmas this is one of the cosiest teas I like to drink. Might seem odd to say a spice is a cosy flavour but for me is one of the flavours of the season and it reminds me Christmas is near by. Also is a “hot” flavour. I know I lost you right here! I don’t know how to explain it but when I drink a tea with cinnamon, beside the drink being hot the aftertaste is warm as well. Maybe because it reminds me of warm Christmas desserts or delicious apple pies. Whatever, this is my go to drink around this time of the year when I’m looking for a comfort drink.

I keep going from one edge to another. This is going to be a hard to explain as well. I drink this tea when is not too cold but not too hot that I can’t stand drinking it. So around Spring is when I’m more likely to enjoy it. Is when we start to realise summer is coming and we are wishing to set the layering aside and start to undress. This is a mix of sensations because the drink is hot and – obviously – you felt it but at the same time it gives you a cold sensation because of the freshness of the leaves. And this is why I don’t like to drink it in Autumn and Winter because I want to get cosy and surround myself with warming feelings and the freshness of the tea kinda destroys that.

Fruity Tea
I can’t get enough of this teas! I don’t have a favourite flavour and I drink them all year long. If I want a sweet drink is definitely a go to. I can get so excited to drink this kind of teas is crazy and when I discover a new mix of fruits I’m like a kid at Disneyland – which I never was *crying a lot*. I usually drink it when I am in a good mood – which is almost every day – I think you can guess the point. Also, my favourite time to drink it is throughout the day when I want to drink something hot and just enjoy the flavour for the simple pleasure of the sweetness.

Herbals Tea
I could not mention tea with a big percentage of fruit without talking about the herbal infusions. Mint and Chamomile are two of them and there are a lot more and some of them I never try it. They are not one of my favourites but I love to drink them when I fell a bit down or ill. For stomach pain to TPM pain there are so many uses and all to solve small problems. They don’t do miracles, but they can make your day better – or night – and even if I’m totally fine there are a few of them I enjoy drinking while watching a film or before bed just for the amazing smell of the herbs.

Any tea I’ve mentioned is a great match for a bit of a reading session, so choose a book, choose a tea and have fun!


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