4 Ways to get Productive

“Happiness inspires Productivity”

Shawn Achor

I’m such a procrastinator!! It gets so annoying!
While I’m writing this I have to draw new plants of my project for Monday morning, draw in scale 1:10 constructive details for Monday afternoon, have a model and more plants ready to be deliver on Tuesday and also read 100 pages of a book for the same day. So it’s funny for me to say I am a procrastinator while I have so much work to do in such small period of time. As you can see I need to be productive, is not an option is a duty. And of course, work for the blog, I have to finish a craft and I still don’t know how am I going to manage to get space on my schedule to be able to do it – the problem is because is a next week post so it would be nice to have it finished by then, we’ll see… let’s hope for the best… maybe if I could stop the time… or even stretching my days… bah! Why I am rambling so much?? Go back to work!!

One of the must motivating things is to fell appreciated. When someone recognises your work is a shot of excitement and endless happiness. But is not every day someone says “well done” so is important to have other ways to motivate yourself.

Surround yourself with positive and productive people.
One of the major thinks to get work done is to be inspired and I’m going to share with you some people I follow because I enjoy the vibe – so surfer – they released. In some ways, I can relate to this people and that is why I enjoy so much watching them and they can put a smile on my face every time.

Felicity Jackson aka GoWithFlick
I’ve just discovered her a couple days ago but she instantaneously caught my eye. I was just seeing what Youtube was suggesting for me to see next and her video caught my attention: 1. she is gorgeous; 2. the UGEE pile of books; 3. the background setting was so cute!
She is a rambler and for sure easy excitable and it kinda reminds me of myself when is something I enjoy I can talk nonstop and make no sense and get very excited. Her personality is so positive and happy that is contagious. Also she is a true bookworm, she can devour a book in two days – wish I could be like that one day, who knows?! – and also a dancer, I love to dance as well so we have that in common.

Alfie Deyes aka PointlessBlog
I’ll be honest I know a few time I watched his vlogs to be able to see Zoe. He’s a super positive person and is always trying to motivate people while entertaining as well. He’s a daily vlogger which is a great bonus because every single day I get in my subscription box a new video. Despite he not showing to often on camera, he’s always talking about work and about being productive and it gets me in the mood to do so.

Zoe Sugg aka Zoella
She is my greatest inspiration! She wakes up early in the morning and starts to work and it motivates me so much when I see an early tweet from her in her office ready to work, it makes me jump out of the bed straight away. Also when she vlogs, see her being super productive and hard worker motivates me to work hard as well. Obviously, there is a fine line very important not to break, is easy to let yourself go, you need to keep the focus and once you get motivated to work just put or phone down, close any social media windows on your computer and do what you need to do. Is so easy to keep seeing and searching – more stalking than searching – for more tweets or photos or videos. Is important to also stop once you get what you want just to get out of there, just because you don’t see what she just published it won’t go away.

Avoid what drags you down.
For me when I go home I never get anything done. Is my lazy place so is really hard to do something and because I know that, I try to avoid it by simply not rushing home. I only have classes until Thursday and usually, I go home in the evening of the same day. When I have work to do, I prefer to go just on Friday to make sure one day won’t be thrown away.

Be careful with the study groups.
Is great to meet up with friends to study together, you can ask anything you don’t understand and someone might help you and is also a way to make you work, but it not always ends that way.
Once I arranged an afternoon with a friend to teacher/help her with Geometry homework, I was good at it and was easy for me to learn it, so I thought it would be ok to help her. It was a complete fail! We plan to study after class and we couldn’t concentrate, she was starting to talk about something and then we stopped working to talk about it… was a disaster I was there to help her and when I left, she was with the same doubts as I came in.

Know your pre-work routine.
I don’t know if this happens with every person but I do have an easy routine I like/have to do before start working, taking a shower. It might sound weird but because I do like to use my mornings to work – when I don’t have any classes – and if I don’t jump out of the bed straight to the shower to wake up I fell soft and lazy – I’m even still wearing my pjs who can judge me?! So is safe to say is one of my rituals to get me in the mood for working. Also is where I have thousands of ideas for the blog and where I start thinking about what I am going to write about next. I can literally have an all conversation all by myself inside of my head while I take a shower -one of the reasons it takes me so long in the mornings to get ready the other part of me just won’t shut up!

Anyway, it would be crazy if somehow all this talking made you fell productive at all but if not and I still manage to entertain you for a wild I am happy with that. If you never heard about the YouTube above go check them out because you probably will be contagious by their positivity and happiness. I am hoping this post had been useful in any way if so let me know in the comments.

Also, what are your favourite YouTubers to get productive and/or inspired from?? What do you do to get inspired?? Or do you have any ritual to fell productive??


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