In Review: Insurgent

After today’s morning news I believe a book is what everyone needs right now. With so many disappointment from the US elections reading a book that does not feature the world as we know is a blessing. And for me is also a timeout while I write this down, it helps to clear my head and hope for the best.
I already did the review of the first book and it seems pointless not to continue with the series and because I love it so much!! So I am sorry if you don’t like Divergent but it is going to be around the blog for a few months – until they released the fourth movie/tv series (?) is all too uncertain for now.

I saw the first movie after reading the book and was a big mistake! The characters were not what I imagined and it messed my head later on. Because is the only product of my imagination and is not a real picture you start to forget while you are constantly reminded how the actors look – if you search for Divergent you probably will find lots and lots of pictures of them and not a single one of what you imagine. So the beginning of Insurgent was a bit strange and I had to force myself to remember what happened in the book and what happened in the movie – to put aside what wasn’t necessary for reading the next book – I’m not going to lie it was a bit hard but after three or four chapters I was back again with my personal loved characters. Lesson learn don’t go straight away watch the movie of a book if it has a sequel without reading all the books first.


The book star with them on the run after they stopped the simulation. Jeanine is looking for them and Tris and Tobias need to team up with Marcus, Caleb and Peter to find out what is going on. Tris can’t forget that she murdered one of his best friends and also “boyfriend” of Christina, Will when he attacked her while under the control of the simulation. She’s strangling with the guilt and refuses to let her secret out even for Tobias. They search for refuse in the Amity headquarters but they soon discover they are not safe anywhere because they are the danger – they are dauntless. When Johanna (representative of Amity) decides to let them stay if they don’t create disorder – which is almost impossible for Tris while she’s near Marcus and Peter – and with the other factions looking for safety as well, all this mix of personalities are asking for problems. So they need to move and go to some place else where they can find out how to stop Jeanine without being killed.

*Spoiler Alert*

(the following content might/will contain spoilers)

I think is safe to say that justice as been made in this book and also some crazy twists no one is expecting. Eric is finally killed but for me wasn’t the best way to go. Tobias never should fire the gun when he was teasing him, that was what Eric wanted I don’t fell it was a good choice to do it that way but was great news to finally get Eric out of the picture.
Caleb and Susan “relationship” was mentioned in Divergent, and I thought it would be something to go on and to create a bit of romance despite Tris & Tobias, unfortunately that doesn’t happen and even more, any relationship mentioned in the first book is over, there are no more couples, Veronica concentrates all the love story on Tris. Don’t get me wrong, I love their story but I think a bit of a background/side story to shack things up wouldn’t be bad at all.
Also, the factionless are back and they are more important than ever. Every page I read while they were working with them I was like “OMG I forgot about this” and “I can’t believe this is happening!”. Was so great to know more about the world they live in, more about the people Beatrice avoided when she was coming home from school, before the Ceremony. Is one more part of the city we get to know.

If the first book made me fall in love with Tobias and wake up my romantic side, the second one crack me down to the ground. The pain, the suffering, the inability to help, the anxiety to can’t control/advise them, were emotionally strong and almost made me cry. The scenes are so intense and the story of each character is so unique and strong is hard not to get involved even if is as heartbreaking as Tobias’s. Insurgent show us really what is the genre Veronica was writing and what Divergent is all about. No more puppy eyes and love thought only strategy and what is the right thing to do and when to do it and pain, suffering and war. I still get to enjoy the book but not with the same level of excitement as I read the first one. Also, every moment shared between Tris and Tobias when they weren’t arguing turn out as a blessing moment, a bit of fresh air to take a deep breath and to carry on.

I didn’t love this book as much as I did the first but is still a big page turner and I think Veronica managed to stop the violence when it was needed. I like a bit of action but when you know it will go on for a long time you tend to retract and find yourself wanting to stop to protect your feelings. For me is still crazy to talk about a book as if it was a person you are dealing with. – pretty much like The 100 when they are constantly fighting and taking decisions you know will get them into more fights and wars. Here I am rambling again and comparing The 100 with Insurgent, they are completely different from each other, there are no space ships or tribes in Divergent series. Well now that I think of, both have a strong young girl taking all the decisions and all the risques… they are not that different after all.

I need to stop and end this post. I recommend this book and any other book from Veronica she is amazing, and now after talk about it, you can take a look as well to Kass Morgan and The 100 series, it was made out into a TV show and is one of my faves can’t wait to next year when they start the season 4!


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