Craft Talk!

To prepare you for the upcoming craft/DIY posts I thought it would be nice to tell you what I like, what I don’t like and what are my rules for a project. So today I am going to have with you a little craft talk! Keep in mind every person is different and this is the way I fell when it comes to craft and to other hand related work. I don’t want to upset anyone and this is just my point of view.

If I can remember correctly I never did a full DIY following step by step, I always end up changing something creating it my own. Creating! This is one of my favourite words and the reason why I studied in high school Fine Arts. A lot of my friends don’t know this side of me – mostly because they don’t have this same interest – but my head is always working and thinking of something to do. If I go to a homeware shop is likely I leave the store with some super crazy way to recreate something. Usually, it doesn’t go forward then an idea in my mind, others manage to get drawn and write down but never fully done. So when I think of a craft I need to do it as soon as possible while it is fresh in my mind and I don’t have any other idea.

I don’t want to be judgemental because everyone can do it in is own way, but if someone can do a blog post showing how to do a garland and the only thing you do is to buy some artificial leaves and string and just glue them together and use a scissor to cut the string to the size you want, sorry that is not a DIY is a BIY (buy it yourself). For me something that is more than half way made is not a craft project I understand for some people is the only way they can do something they will enjoy afterwards – I know there are some people that are biologically incapable of doing a DIY and the “already half way done” type of project is ideal. Also, is the quickest – sometimes the cheapest – way but I don’t mind to lose hours working on it in order to be pleased with joy of creating. If perhaps I do buy something already done and just give a personal touch I don’t call it a craft or even a projects is just personalizing it – there is nothing wrong with buying it I just don’t like when people call a craft/handmade something that was only glued or added a bow to make it prettier.

I usually don’t like to take the easy route. First, I don’t fell I am doing a craft if it isn’t arduous work and if I can buy it all done in a shop. And second, is therapeutic for me to spend lots of time doing something different that have been floating around my head, it clears my mind and leaves a feeling of accomplishment after such hard work and to be able to take out of my brain an idea and make it real. As I told you on my last DIY post by doing a repetitive movement like cutting out something is truly relaxing for me and is the only time I get to empty my mind and let it wander off and get lost in thoughts randomly. If something is bothering me that day I can use it to think about it more clearly and eventually by the time I ended I’m not mad or annoyed anymore. Also, is good to have something to do despite work even if it gives more work to do is different and is what you truly enjoy doing otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it for sure!

Spiking of costs, there are some crafts not worth to do, the expensive ones. As a principle, any craft I do should not be found in any shop – that I know of – and more importantly, it should always be cheaper. What is the point to spend 20€ on a craft if you can buy something very similar for half the price?? Just because you enjoy making it?? Is a pricey pleasure let me tell you! If a project is getting out of the budget the best is to leave it and start searching for another one. Pinterest is full with so much stuff is impossible to run out of ideas… better yet, more cheapest ideas.

Besides craft, I also love cooking – basically any activity it involves for me to get my hands dirty is amazing. For instants, I like spending time in the kitchen and cook from savoury to desserts. Obviously, main courses and appetisers can only be eaten at lunch or dinner so I cook them only twice a day but every day and desserts can be eaten… well when you want and you fell hungry or just glutton! After dinner, I fancy some sweetness to clear my palette and sometimes I don’t have anything sweet so a quick dessert recipe is a go to but it takes a lot of my pleasure for cooking. Just so you can have a clear idea of what I am talking about, once I started doing a dessert – maybe after lunch – because I was “hungry” and it needed to be refrigerated so only at dinner or in the next day I was able to eat it! I put off my desire for a sweet to actually enjoy making that dessert. Now that I think of it is a good way to lose weight while I distract my head with the cooking I am not thinking about eating a dessert.


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