November Goals

How did November get here so fast?? Only yesterday was the begging of the month and truth be told I am already thinking about December! Is it okay right? Even if it isn’t I have huge plans for Christmasy blog post and I need to start planning and working on them ASAP so I can combine my Uni work with the blog.

I. For this month my primary goal is to blog 3 days a week because I couldn’t accomplish it last month so I want to do it this time because is going to be the last month with an ordinary schedule – for December I am going to bring the 24 crafty days back with daily blogging!

II. Also, this is a more consumer thought then a goal but I want to use Black Friday again to buy something I want – probably another Sims 4 game. In Portugal the Black Friday is not super crazy, the shops only do a simple discount like 20% – really stingy – although with some international brands I can find 50% off which leaves me really happy.

III. Read, read and read. My plans are to read Allegiant and Four until the end of the month. It is a lot but as I said in my previous post I want to read a Christmas book and if I have any loose end with Divergent series I’ll be always thinking about it and won’t be able to enjoy another book.

IV. I want to get more organised. I’ve been using Google Calendar to schedule everything and it as been helping so much but is not enough. I only schedule weekly and I end with some free time I could be using to work for a next week post, and I really need to work on it this month or I’ll stress out to get every post in December.

V. Back to exercise. In the beginning of the year, I started to workout in the morning and I never felt so energised and prepared for the day. It made me fell amazing and I want to continue with it. Despite being cold and so hard to get out of the bed, I want to get back to that routine.

VI. Speaking of mornings, I want to start my days earlier. I’ve noticed in the past couple of days, I’ve been waking up and falling asleep one hour earlier than normal and I think is because of the clock changes. When I fell sleepy and I look to the clock is still early in the evening because my body is one hour later. And I thought to make the most of the time difference and go to bed and wake up in the old time – AKA summer time.

Those are my six realistic goals for this month and I want to get serious and proper archive them. I could write more but I know they are not my priority so they won’t be done by the end of the month. Do you have any goals for this month as well??


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