October Books Overview

We all have years that leave a big mark in our lives maybe with the day we enter a new school or university, maybe with a new friend, there are thousands of reasons and for me there was only two huge moments: with 14 years old my personality and posture in the world changed a lot; and my second year of Uni. To the first one, I’ll maybe talk about it in another day, the one for important for today’s post is the second.
In the middle of so many changes to becoming and adult – or at least trying to – I came across a bunch of Youtubers and one of them I’ve been following for more than a year and is my true inspiration. Thanks to her I decided to start reading, to buy what I wanted to read and to fully enjoy a book. I’m talking about the one and only author/blogger/YouTuber Zoella or Zoe Sugg. She was the person who gave me the bump so I could start reading – and hopefully becoming a true bookworm.
Keeping that in mind, I thought it would be nice to do a monthly update/overview of my process. I don’t think I can read more than one book per month but I will defiantly find another book to read or a new purchase and if I can’t say I finished another book at least I can update my list of “want to read”.

Talking about endings, I’ve just finished Insurgent – be prepare for a review as well – and I’m loving the story so far. Got truly excited with Divergent because it was only love and mystery now with Insurgent the whole book has been much more intense and I can only imagine what will come next to blow my mind.
In my queue, the next one is Allegiant and Four because I need to finish the series to be able to jump into other themes. I love the genre but for now, I am fancying a romance with lots and lots of passion. There is nothing better than to fall in love and I need it in my life right now even if is just a fictional one.

There is no point into mention Zoe and not talking about her Book Club for WHSmith. She’s already in her second club but I ended up not reading anything from the first picks and when a week ago she releases the second book club I thought it is time to read one of the first. Between all of the eight, I choose Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell not ask me why but that book caught my attention and I couldn’t pass by without choosing it for a birthday present to myself.
With a new gem added to my collections, I can’t avoid thinking of other titles to buy and in the newest Zoella Book Club I pick at least two I want to put my hands on: If I was your girl by Meredith Russo – it should be a great eye opening and know more about transgender people – and The one we felt in love with by Paige Toon – field with romance and drama is THE book I need to read.
Also, Zoe has already released two books of their own and with the third nearly out is time to buy the others. She is such an inspiration that I want to have one more way of getting inspired to write by her.


Winter is coming and when I end the Divergent series is almost Christmas – I hope – so is a good time to buy a Christmas novel, I mean I never read something that takes place on Christmas – or around that time – and it should be so warming up and inspiring to get in the mood for it while I wait for the big day. While I was searching around the bookstore I found a cute little book so wintry I knew it was the one for the arriving season: Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle. Despite the immediate relation with a famous Christmas song, the cover is one of the must beautiful I have right now. In a metallic light blue with snowflakes all around it will be so hard to me not to be attached to the book all day long. I can imagine myself reading it while listening some Christmas music with a good cup of hot tea and wrapped in a cosy blanket. I can’t wait!!
In the same theme, The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher is another one I want to read because I am curious how a dinosaur can save Christmas. Despite it be for a younger audience, it only means the story will be cheerful and heartwarming.
Welcome to Rosie Hopkins’ Sweet Shop of Dreams by Jenny Colgan. Lately, I’ve been bumping into her books and they are for sure a recipe for success to my heart. Mixing recipes with books sound amazing and different. Why not read a romance and learn a new recipe? Sound the only thing missing are chocolates to eat while reading! I never saw it in shops but I have no problem to reserve one to be delivered to my local bookstore.

I have a lot to read next and I can’t wait to jump into a new one. Hope you had a great month and *ghostly voice on* Happy Halloween!! *ghostly voice off*

What have you been reading lately?? And what is the book you are more excited to read next??


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