After 1 year

StockSnap_WHWZKYQSDR.jpgI can’t believe a year had passed already! Starting the blog was a birthday gift to myself and it has been a rollercoaster ever since with all ups and downs but the important is not to quite. It may sound silly but after a year still managing to have the blog is a huge step for me.

I had some really low time I wish I could go back in time to prevent them. The summer was the worst of them all with so much free time and no schedule for 2 months was the most deadly time for me. At that time I wasn’t using any planner or even planning any posts so they never got to see the light of the day. Also with so much free time I was constantly thinking ” I’ll leave it for tomorrow” but that day never came.
My high point was back in December with the 24 Crafty Days and now that I think, it was because I planned and written down dates to post every single one of them. Obviously, some of the content was not that good but was a commitment I will try to replicate this year once again keeping in mind to work on the content.

I believe when we reach the 20 years mark we start changing the way we see things. Maybe is when we realise we are no longer teenagers we are becoming adults and we need to start thinking really seriously about our decisions because they will accompany us for the rest of our life. So I started to commit myself to something I wanted to do that would allow me to clear my head from University and talk about interests I usually don’t have in common with my friends. I wanted a place to share and to meet people with the same interests as myself. Since then I find many bloggers I truly enjoy reading and are a big inspiration when I am looking for DIYs and others craft projects.

I thought about starting a blog as a hobby but if I see it that way I will never publish a single post because I’ll be too busy studying and working for Uni – which takes a lot of my free time – so is better let crafts be my hobby and I can work on it when I have time not compromising any responsibility. And if I don’t take the blog seriously I will fell is pointless to even write anything and spend time searching, editing and looking for the perfect photo – there is no such thing but I can’t avoid being a perfectionist. I would love to become a full-time blogger one day and now after a year I still keep this dream and I am convicted more every time that is what I want. It will be a hard road to follow and only a few people will believe in me and will support me throughout the journey but I can’t put my head down if is truly what I wish for.


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