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Yesterday my Instagram account celebrated 2 years since I first published and since I was planning to do a post about photography this was the perfect opportunity.  I am going to share with you the more loved photos and if you want to see more go to my Instagram account I never took down any photo so is all there.
The story behind my first photo is just stupid, I had free time with nothing to do and thought it was a good idea to use a photo of my shoes. It is so rubbish I still can figure it out why I never took it down – maybe because it shows to me my evolution and what is a bad example and to remind me never to post something like that again.
I should have more pics in my Instagram for this 2 years I have a media of a photo for each 2 weeks is not much and lately, I have been trying to publish some new photos and it keeps passing off with the size of them(some of them are not my favourite and I don’t think they are good, oh well I am very hard to please ih ih ).

Jumping on to photography my interest for photography started somewhere in 2011 I think because of a school project yet only later when I was 17 I got for Christmas my first semi-professional DSL camera Canon EOS 650D. For me, the touchscreen is just an unnecessary addiction (which increases the price) but Santa decided to give me de 650 instead of the 600 I wanted (best or me :P).

As it is when we receive something we want is all excitement to use it and learn how it works – I am still learning is not easy – so until the new year, I was all over the camera taking photos of everything. A year later maybe, even more, I lost all my photos, my external hard drive where everything was stored simply died and I couldn’t access the files. I went to a technic but he told me it was nothing he could do and was hopeless to think it was possible to get anything out. Nowadays, I still have it saved in a box for some day when I have the money and resources to be able to go inside to remove everything for a safer place. My hope is still there I know someday I will see those photos again but right now I learned to live with the fact I’ll probably never see them again and I can only remember one of them which is sad not knowing which photos I toke.

Despite all the drama, I never stop taking photos, not as regularly as it should be but I never stopped. With persistence and effort is possible to improve allot and create a skill really handy for the blog. It’s one of the reasons I take out my camera more often so I can create the images in my mind to use in a next post. And some of them never get to see the light of the day because they are not up to my standards –  and for someone who is not that good at photography they are pretty high. Regardless of that, with a little bit of commitment is possible to archive something great and is an awesome feeling to know someone appreciates your work even when you are not completely satisfied with it.

Once I participated in an amateur photography competition and my photo was chosen by the editors to feature in their annual magazine. The competition is for amateurs and professionals especially speakers of Portuguese. Every week is released a theme to be photographed and in the following week is judged by the participants and the editors. So basically, when a challenge is over there are five photos chosen by the community and one by the editors. Back when I join the weekly competition the theme was “rust” and I submitted an old building I visited due to a university project. In the next week, my photo was the editors choice and later on they email me to ask if I would allow them to use my photo in their magazine. Unfortunately, the email had a deadline and I only saw it after it passes and if I didn’t answer it would mean I wasn’t interested.

After crying allot I learn two major things:

  1. always keep an eye on your email inbox, you never know when we are going to have a surprise.
  2. even if you don’t think is possible to win or be recognised give it a shot someday might be your day.

It was an amazing opportunity and I through it way just by simply not going to check my email regularly so please take my example and go conquer the world with your vision.


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