Welcome Autumn

Yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn which makes me so happy. The trees are changing from the intense and alive green to a delicate fiery colour. What I must enjoy is the step-by-step change we see until winter which gives us time to prepare ourselves to get cosy and layer up before went outside. Speaking of it, sweaters, big scarves, bobble hats and boots are finally back! And with them came along my birthday and Halloween for next month, I might not celebrate it since high school but I will always remember as the best memories of my friends and the time we all spent together. To end the year there is also another exciting celebration: Christmas!! Oh my… I love Christmas so much but that is for another post.


Don’t ask me why but with the days getting smaller it gives me a huge pleasure wake up before the sun and watch the sunrise while working or having breakfast. (FYI I prefer to watch the sunrise rather than the sunset). Another habit I am trying is to be an early bird, the days will seem much bigger and more productive. instead of wake up at 9 am (when I don’t have any classes) wake up at 6 or half past 6. I mean wake up not stand up because I need my time to get cosy and warm up because is cold and I slept with my arm outside of the blanket (typical me).

This reminds me of something I enjoy doing every autumn/winter set the alarm clock to an early day – the same hour as you do to work or school but over the weekend when you can sleep until midday – when you wake up you will feel the same as in the others day: sleepy wishing for more 5 minutes (or maybe 10, 15, 20…), mad because you know you have to go and say goodbye to your pillow and cold(this is the one I find more challenging). Under the blanket, your body was producing heat all night long which stayed under the blanket so the room temperature is so damn cold! It’s like if you left an open window and the winter entered to your room the only thing left is snow! I understand your pain and you think every morning “only if I didn’t have to go”. So set your alarm clock for a normal work day in the weekend and have the pleasure to sleep for 5 more minutes, get cosy in the bed and without worries or obligations. Try it and tell me if is not the best thing ever!

Like everything, Autumn is not perfect and there are a couple of things I dislike. One of the thing that pisses me off in this cooler season is the rain. That little back stabber can appear when you are less prepared or be caring important stuff and not waterproof. You can use an umbrella (when you have at least one hand free) but when the wind starts is better to give up: first the umbrella is going to break and you will end up all wet, second doesn’t the wind will push the rain in one direction and your legs will be all wet because an umbrella is designed to straight down rain, and third I am light as a feather and if the wind is strong I am scared I will be dragged away through the sky with the umbrella like Mary Poppins.


The other one is when the days start off later. The ability to sleep one more hour (with the end of the summer clock) is delightful but the morning is a nightmare to open my eyes. I don’t know if you notice it when is a cloudy day around 7 am there is a subtle blue light making us questioning if is already day or not this happens because the sun is diffuse through the clouds making so hard to the eye capture all the light so when I wake up late and have to jump right up out of the bed it hurt my eyes so bad, I literally can’t open them and thanks to the amazing bathroom window in my house when I enter the room I go instant blind.

Being a season of transition for me is more amazing then winter, the trees change colour and the falling leaves makes more magical to go for walks in the park. In the other hand, winter might be the cosiest season – after all is the colder – but being from a country were snowing is really rare (despite the highest mountain) I find it less pleasant. The closest thing I have to snow is hoarfrost on grass in the colder mornings only because I live in a small valley. There are no leaves to fall they are all on the floor or have been taken away by the street sweeper. So for me, the only reason I am excited about winter is knowing Christmas is near.

Lay down and embrace yourself for the autumnal themed future posts. What do you enjoy the most about this season?


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