Tourist for a day

One of the things I say a lot is to know your own country before starting to travel. Is cheaper and you will be surprised and it will make you appreciate your own ruts. Now when summer is almost over is time to do a little throwback to my one day trip to Porto. It was my second time there and was beautiful discovering places I never heard about and other I only knew from photos.



The day started off really cloudy and for a second thought it was going to rain but in the end, the sun popped out to say hello. We went to Serralves to take a look at the architecture exposition they had at the Museum and also go for a walk in the Park.


img_0228img_0372img_0219img_0413img_0358Be surrounded by nature is always my favourite and from a lake to a tea house ( which was closed, unfortunately) without forgetting the barn with horses and donkeys, and the amazing Villa with magnificent views for all those beautiful gardens, was a visit to repeat.



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