It’s over: Castle

Around this time last year, the ABC show Castle would be releasing another season unfortunately, some expected/unexpected news made this Autumn different. If you don’t know, I am a UUUGGGEEEE fan of Castle and I’ve been going along with them since 2010 or 2011 (I can’t remember) and after 7 years of laugh, tears, heartbreaking situations and fall in love over and over again they annunciate the end of the show.

I am not surprised with the news and a bit sad but I’ve been preparing my self since the beginning of the 8th season it would probably be the last. Despite the problem they had at the end of the 7th season with contracts of some actors, Stana’s character could be over sooner then expected, so was a blessing to have another season to watch. Later on, in May this year, they announced Stana’s and Tamala’s characters wouldn’t be back for a ninth season and taking out one of the runners is a major change. It would change the dinamic of the show although, the creator Andrew W. Marlowe was (obviously) aware of it, they would suppose to do a final episode where it would be open to continuing for a season 9 without Kate Beckett. Maybe like Fast & Furious 7 where they change the final scenes to allow to be produced another film (which I think it’s being done).

I am really sad that one of the greatest shows ever produced is over but I can’t ignore they realise the only dream and hope I had to see before the show ended: having kids. Obviously, it would be great if I could watch Castle’s face when Kate told him she was pregnant should be priceless!!! Also, watch them grow and all the problems and headache they would have by raising 3 more children.

Change the subject to the books, any real fan of Castle knows he had already written books before meet Beckett. I am talking about Derrick Storm series. We all had a major need to know more about the novels that brought Castle to be as famous as… well.. he isn’t that famous… (no stalkers or paparazzi) and thank God the masterminds behind the show decided to release the book he was “writting”. Due to the amazing success, they also write the Derrick Storm novels as well which I am very excited to read and finally discover who he is. (still waiting to be translated)

If I am not mistaken, last November was the first ever Nikki Heat series book released in Portuguese and I just run to buy it. When I finished the first one there was only one though in my mind: was it a good book?? I loved the book it was amazing and easy reading but without my passion for the show and haven’t seen it first (before reading the book) I don’t think people can enjoy it the same way.

Also, in my mind all the characters in the book are the same as in the show and the description of the main characters were short or even unestintente (as I remember) so I was reading new episodes and remember bits of others. For fans is a nostalgic book and is kind of a shock when Nikki Heat acts in a different way from Beckett and makes me remember that the female character of the book is not the same person as the show, so from time to time, while I was reading Naked Heat, I needed to stop and think “they are not the same person!” Don’t take it in the wrong way I like both of them, they are simply different from each other and at first sight, is easy to forget the differences.

Also I just want to do a shout out to the second book, Naked Heat, wich was my favourite so far, it was filled with mystery, thrill, lots of love and passion between Rook and Nikki. Meanwhile, I am halfway reading the third book which I wasn’t expecting to be released in Portugal after the announcement of the end of the show. Promise to give news when I finish it!



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