Week 11: Favourite Tv Series

Summer is the time when tv shows end and you have time to watch them again or new ones. In the past 2 years, I started to get my attention to series, movies and youtubers wasting time with it and for a long time, this is the first time my favourite series changes and I add others to my list. If you are a Richard Castle fan you know after eight seasons got to an end and is time to find another nice series to replace the gap it leaves. Knowing that Castle will always have a special place in ours hearts but be able to embrace something new with the same level of dedication I reached from the first episode to the last one is what I am looking for. Is not an easy job I can tell, the story isn’t the same, the actors are different, the chemistry, the writers, there are so many bits that allow you to identify with the show and become your best friend that is hard to love a new one.

The 100

Is currently my favourite and is based on Kass Morgan books, 100 years after the Earth been destroyed by a nuclear war and all mankind is living in space, a group of teenagers are sent back to Earth in order to see if it habitable. The spaceship is running out of the air for all the population and any crime is punished by death only if you are over 18 years old, so the prison is full of teenagers and in order to save the human race they are sent back to Earth for a suicidal mission. They have to work together and find a way to survive through all the dangers on Earth. As you can tell is a sci-fi series with no monsters despite some freaky things. I love after Earth movies and theories so the moment I saw the first episode I became so obsessed with it. Also, the episodes are so intense it feels like is more than 45 minutes which is great so instead of 15 episodes seems a lot more.

2 Broke Girls

Is a great laugh from start to finish but be aware of the rude language. The show starts with a rich spoiled girl losting all is fortune and her father be arrested, luckily she bumps into a broke, big boobs and a rude girl working in a small dinner on Williamsburg. Strangely the relationship work and they become best friends pursuing the dream of being successful and finally live in Manhattan. What I love the must is how funny is Max even when she is rude and stereotypical is surely an easy offensive show you have to take it really cool and as a joke or you are going to have a bad time. Also, is recorded with a live audience so is actually funny to spot how the actors react to each other jokes.

The Big Bang Theory

Again I seem to have a passion for nerdy shows. For some this shows doesn’t need introduction but for those who never heard about it WHAT??? IN WICH PLANET DO YOU LIVE?? YOU ARE MISSING ONE OF THE GREATEST SHOWS EVER PRODUCED! The story is about a group of four nerdy friends which life change when the apartment next door is occupied by a beautiful (dumb) girl and they start an unlikely friendship with a lot of smart talk and superheroes references.

American Dad

Is my favourite animated tv show maybe because of Roger the alien he is so mind blowing with all is characters and crazy sceams. Every episode is a new adventure for the Smith family: Stan, a CIA agente, Francine, the mom, Hayley, the older hippie daughter, Steve, the younger son and still a virgen, Roger and Klaus, the talking fish that no one cares about. But here’s a little warning: prepare yourself to guns, drugs, alcohol and sex, again not for everyone.

New Girl

Is the more chilled series I watch is not to agressive, not rude and is with the lovely Zooey Deschanel. A story of a girl who was searching for a new apartment and bump into three guys whom never experience living with a women before. Full of laught and jokes in each episode is a new opportunity to know each others better and create a bond.

This is my current list of tv shows I don’t miss so what is yours?? Do you watch the sames or have any recomendation?? I am always looking for a new series to see so feel free to comment!


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