Week 10: Best Games Ever!!

I consider myself a gamer girl and enjoy to play games for “girls” as well FPS Games (First Person Shotter). I can spend an entire day gaming without  getting bored which is pretty unhealthy… but I can’t avoid, rather if is on PC or console. Yesterday I spend all afternoon playing The Sims 4 do I regret it?? Nop!! Was it productive?? Well… I aged 3 sims, had a baby and her father died… Yes, I think I can call it productive… I really enjoy playing and this is my favourite games ever!!!

GTA San Andreas: Basically since Rockstar released in 2005 (for PC), the fifth game of the Grand Theft Auto series is my ultimate favourite game ever. From the series wasn’t the first I played (GTA: Vice City) but it still my heart the moment I saw my cousin play it. Time passes by and the developers have created two more games ( I am not counting GTA 4: Liberty City Stories): GTA 4 and 5. They did a major jump with the graphics but for some reason, the previous game was still great, not that stopped me from enjoy playing the newbies. Unfortunately, I haven’t played (yet) GTA V which is driving me crazy, I want to play it so baaaddd!!!

So if you like to rob people, kill, drive on the wrong side of the road, have trouble with the cops this is the game for you!! Just kidding but you can do this and so much more. Also, is an open world game and there is not another game with the same world interaction as GTA. Let me explain it better: first of all, an Open World means you can go out and explore the scenario. For example, you are playing a game in a small town if the game is an open world you can stop whatever you doing for a moment and go explore. What makes this games unique is that you need to go to a point on the map to start a new mission and if you don’t go there you are free to explore without any rush and do some bits and bobs like BMX challenge, car races and other activities hide around the map.

Uncharted: If you like treasure hunts or if you have played any Tomb Raider game this is for you! Naughty Dog is one of my favourite developers and when I knew about the existence of this game I went so excited. They launched the first one in 2007 and this year they released the fourth episode. Obviously, they improved the graphics but even the first one  is amazingly good. The only bad aspect is only for PlayStation and I would love to play it on the PC.

Also, the first game I played from them was Crash Bandicoot, a crazy with blue shorts fox (I actually don’t know which animal it is but for me is a fox) who runs away from rolling rocks, try to avoid explode with TNT boxes and made his way to the end of the game alive. Also was the first game I played in the PS 1 so it has a special place in my heart along with the developers.

The Sims 3: I never played the first episode when they released it I was too young (2000 so I was 5 years old) but I felt in love when I played The Sims 2, maybe I can say obsessed… I don’t know, the only thing I can say is that I have every expansion pack and object pack released since then and despite the third generation being my favourite there are some expansions or parts of it, they don’t bring for a next generation which makes me want to play the older games.

One of the best things about Sims 3 is the open world, no more loadings to go out and be able to go shopping made a huge difference in the game dynamic making the best Sims game ever released. Although I still miss the Flower Shop from The Sims 2 Open for Bussiness and the Pets and Season expansion from The Sims 3 the new one is… nice. They haven’t released the most wanted expansions (pets and seasons) so it still missing the best of this life simulator. Another problem I find when playing Sims is when they are about to do another generation they released to quickly. For example I never got to play properly Sims 3 Island Paradise because when I got the game they had just starting to sell The Sims 4 so I wanted to know how was the new game and the same thing happened with The Sims 2 when they bring the third version. Despite that this maybe the biggest girly game ever but is one of the bests and if anyone tells you you’re not a gamer just because you play sims is just the envy speaking!


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