How I met your… mother?

Edit – After over a month without say a word I am finally free to get full attention to the blog. My exams month from university is over and is time to publish a lot of new and exciting stuff that I have been saving for more than 2 months!! Despite my head been running 1000 miles per hour I manage to saw series and read more books. I have a lot of new information in tv shows material but let start with one at a time.

From the pasts few months, have been watching “How I Met Your Mother”. Despite the tv series ended up in 2014, I had never watched it. I am not a person to follow trends and only go watch it when everyone is over with. For example, EVERYONE is watching Game of Thrones and right know I have no interest what so ever to spend my time with wars, conquers and killing each other (and here I am waiting for the second season of The Shannara Chronicles). I don’t know why but when the majority of people want something I just lose interest. Probably when is over or everyone steps out to another thing I might go check it out. Who knows?!

This happened with How I Met Your Mother, I remember my freshman year, hear my friends talking about it all the time. I even saw a boy give a mini blue french hornet in a necklace to a girl for asking her to date him, at that time I knew it was related to the show but I didn’t give much attention, now I get it was actually a really sweet gift.

If you have never seen How I Met Your Mother there is something you need to know: the show is Legen… wait for it… dary! Legendary!! This is all you need to know is really awesome and super fun. Some people say that is a “new” version of FRIENDS (I can’t agree or deny because I never saw Friends), so if you saw it (or not) you need to see this one.


I don’t want to spoiler anything so if you never saw the show until the end is better if you skip this part!!

Spoiler Alert!!

Moving on to my point, some weeks ago I finally saw the last episode of HIMYM and was shocking!! I never thought about ending like that. It was in such a rush and so confusing at the same time. I fell happy for Ted, after all, he got what he was wishing for all time but, I fell sad for Barnie, the only woman he ever loved was Robin and spending the entire 9 season watch their wedding end in the next episode is too cruel. The ending could be all of them married to each other and Ted with the Mother (which was a lovely woman btw). For me that was the perfect ending, although in one episode (I don’t remember which one) Robin tells Barney that if he marries her they will never have kids like he always wanted.

This is the part where I recognise that the series of events that precede the final are (probably) the only way to make everyone happy (I am talking about the characters). If Robin keeps married with Barnie, he would never have a daughter who makes him understand how it is to give everything to her, also, Ted was in love with Robin since he met her and after all that journey was fair to get the girl. Now I understand why some people loved the ending but I think because the entire show they were making the fans stop believing that was possible a happy ending for Robin and Ted story, makes not worth it if they stay together at the end. Also, can I just say the final 2 episodes where such a mess going back and forward in the chronology that I believe I miss understood a lot of what was told. In some parts, I was like trying to remember what happened in 2005 and how that scene was related… I don’t know… WAS SO CONFUSING!!

(End of Spoilers)

As you already predicted, I belong to the half of the viewers who didn’t like the ending but, I still love that show and when the scar in my heart heal I will rewatch all over again that is for sure. Last weekend I was zapping a bit and saw that they transmitted it again but see them laughing and smiling didn’t erase my memory of the ending and was making me fell sad. Despite all the time that already passed, I believe I still need more time to heal and find that pure fun in which the show is based on.

Did you watch this show as well? If so, did you like the end?? Which was your favourite part??


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  1. I absolutely loved that show… I’ve watched it twice now, the first time on my own and the second time with my mum. This was just a great show. I’m not sure which part I loved must, but I do know that I was feeling conflicted about the ending. A part of me loved it, another part wasn’t that satisfied. Did you know that they wrote two different endings?

      1. Yeah, or so I was told by my boyfriend who claimed to have done research :’) enjoy your rewatching! Oeh btw, I think that I like the scenes with Britney Spears most :’) not that I like her, but I liked her character haha

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