Week 9: What can’t be missing in my fridge

If you don’t know yet, I love cooking. If I could spend an entire day in the kitchen I would do it without you asking me twice! Every home cooker knows is important to have a full pantry and fridge to do an ambrosia meal but sometimes all you need are few ingredients you can’t run out of them.

Today I am going to tell you which of those ingredients can’t miss in my fridge or I’ll be dining out at a restaurant.

V – Milk (soja): I don’t drink milk in regular basics but is great for a hot day breakfast. Is a font of calcium and is my trick to do the must creamy scrambled eggs! Also lets not forget pancakes you need milk (and eggs) to do it.

IV – Water: Is summer and the best way to cold down is by drinking cold water, it hydrates you and for me tastes better. Yes, water have taste and don’t tell me the other way around! Also if I want to drink a cold tea (some brands sell cold brew tea bags which is a delight) is easier to make.

III – Lemons: I try to have other fruits to eat as dessert and occasionally to use in a recipe (I love to add fruit in a meal) but lemons make everything better either if is a fish or a juicy piece of meat, so if I need to have a piece of fruit in my fridge is going to be lemons.

II – Butter (dairy-free): Either for cooking or just to put on bread, for sure you will find it always in my fridge.

I- Eggs: I love them!! And they are so versatile. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, as a snack, boiled, fried, scrambled, as an omelette… so many options.

Which is your one ingredient it can’t be missing from your fridge??



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