Week 8: My social media

After a long time no see a new week brings a new blog post. For those who don’t know, I love social media the same way I love to be disconnected with it. Is a strange relationship. One day I can be so addicted to it and in the next one don’t give a sh*t about it (sorry my language).

I’ll start with my favourite one: Instagram!

I have an account for almost 2 years and is my wheel of inspiration and where I go to bright up a bad day. I only started to enjoy Instagram when it stopped being a social obligation to give a like. I still remember scrolling down for hours and just see blurred pics with bad quality of a party last night or a girl who is taking selfies every hour or even that friend who takes a pic to every meal even if is just a chocolate bar (I know that at some point we all did it, myself included, and thought it was an amazing pic).

So one day I started a new account without my friends and just started following people who publish photos that inspiring me somehow. I do follow food photography because is delicious and is not just a picture of a meal is a composition, is the lightning position, are the colours… is so many things just open a cookbook and see what I am talking about! Also, travellers show you the must beautiful places on earth, they jump around from one city to another leaving you with a need to travel. Interior designers and bloggers are inspiring to follow as well for thousands of reasons.

Moving on to Pinterest!

Craft lovers will understand why Pinterest is so important and don’t need more explanation. You have EVERYTHING!! It is basically a platform where you can archive photos/links to websites about a topic you like. Imagine you have a newspaper in front of you and have an article that you enjoy reading and maybe want to read it again later you could cut out and save it in a fold that is how Pinterest works! You have as many albums as you like and you store what you like and/or find interesting the way you like.

Is the place to find DIYs and inspiration for craft projects so if you are interested in a little help to make your creativity start busting is the right place to be signed in.

Next: Twitter & Facebook

Short messages, photos and comments this is the logic behind twitter. Most of the people say is bad and you can’t do much and Facebook is better. Well… you are quite limited on Twitter but you also don’t have the amount of “garbage” you find on Facebook… I see both social media with different porpuses. For one hand Twitter is the place I follow celebrities and stalk YouTubers and Facebook is for work/university and talk to friends because MSN is now over and no one uses Skype (at least my friends don’t).

Also, Facebook has games and other applications you can use and piss off your friends with requests, aka Farmville notifications. I am mocking the people who play those games but I was one of them and I used to love/still love that game I just don’t play anymore because I don’t have time to spend every day playing. But what is more important is that I wasn’t sending everytime requests to my friends and I know they appreciate it.

About the “garbage” I was talking about before is a bit like Instagram, because I am following my friend they usually link to articles or share videos and another stuff that I don’t care so for me is pointless to scroll down the feed, mostly is just junk. Also, let’s not forget the family members… sorry the OLDER family members which decided to create a facebook page and commenting/liking your post for all your friends to read. The problem must of the times is quite the opposite when your buddy decided to publish your photo when you were pretty drunk last night so your mum can see it in her news feed. Your buddy is the best!! *ironic smile*

At last but not least: Snapchat

Thank God someone created Snapchat!!! You know all those pics you take off last night dinner? You could easily publish them over Snapchat and the worst it can happen is annoying someone for 24 hours. Is the place to be weird, to take thousands of selfies, film when no one is looking, use lens in your friend and made them look ridiculous… so much thing you can do and because the longest it can be up to everyone to see are 24 hours you don’t piss off your friends too much. Since I have Snapchat I didn’t publish much but I have been there every day to see others stories and take beautiful *cough* or not *cough* selfies with the news lens.

Now is your turn. Do you use this social media or others? Which is your favourite and why? Fell free to comment and also follow me on my Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Featured Image source by Zachary Staines

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